-9-If you want to test for yourself just how useful the new Glazmataz wine glass rack is, we will send you a free Glazmataz GM 125 if you complete the following questionnaire and make a wine order on or before 30 June 2018.〈How to apply〉【By QR code:】Please read the QR code on this page with your smartphone and apply. 【By email:】Please send an email to wine@village-cellars.co.jp with:1. Your company/store name 2. Your name 3. Telephone number 4. Answers to the 5 questions〈Offer validity〉 We need to receive both the completed questionnaire and your wine order on or before 30 June 2018. * When you order wine please let us know if you have completed the ʻGlazmataz Test applicationʼ, or better still, send the completed questionnaire and your wine order in the same email. ● Only one application per company/store. 〈Shipping your Glazmataz〉Generally, after receiving the completed questionnaire, we will ship your Glazmataz with your next wine order. At our discretion, we will bundle it in with your order, or in a separate parcel.〈 Glazmataz 〉 During the Great East Japan Earthquake we heard that many expensive glasses we damaged, even when stored on a shelf in a cupboard. If one glass on the shelf falls over, it may hit the next glass and so on, and they get broken in domino style. However, breakage isnʼt limited to earthquakes. In every day use if you knock two glasses together when you are picking one off a shelf, you run the risk of breaking them. Glass breakage occur most often when you are tidying up glasses. When collecting glasses from the table, carrying them on a tray, putting them in the sink and washing them, putting them on a rack for drying, or drying and polishing them with a cloth, the chances of breaking them are at their highest. Many times we have broken wine glasses at home. From these bitter experiences, we developed the idea for a safer wine rack that became “Glazmataz.” The Glazmataz rack is carefully designed to prevent wine glass breakage. Each unit has four pieces that slot together to create a robust rack for two wine glasses. It is made of a polypropylene resin that combines strength with elasticity, so even when a glass hits the side of a Glazmataz it wonʼt break. They are designed to enable units to be connected together into larger racks of different sizes and orientations, and strong enough for units to be stacked. You can even clip them together to make a wine bottle rack.Glazmataz were designed for handling and storing wine glasses at all times when you are not using them to minimise potential breakage while handling the glasses, or from knocking them together. Use Glazmataz to carry glasses to the table, and after use to carry them to the sink for hand washing, and for storing in the cupboard.Better still, to simplify washing and drying, Glazmataz is dishwasher proof, designed to be in used with hot water temperatures up to 80°C. For commercial dishwashing machines, you can combine units to fit the dishwasher size to wash several glasses in one pass, in a rack for 16 red wine glasses with large bowls, or a rack for 25 white wine glasses with smaller bowls. In home dishwashers, the washing trays have an array of protrusions, so we recommend removing the standard dishwashing rack, and clipping together Glazmataz units to a size to suit your dishwasher. Depending on the model of your dishwasher, you may need a simple but specially made metal tray to support the Glazmataz racks on the rails of your machine. This is currently under development.Another good use for Glazmataz when you need to carry glasses with you is to carry them in a bag snug inside their Glazmataz home. When you are not using the Glazmataz, you can simply fold it flat. Currently, the Glazmataz GM 125 for full-sized red wine glasses will be available in April 2018. The Glazmataz GM100 for smaller white wine glasses will be available in June 2018. At Village Cellars, we will continue to work to enhance YOUR WINE LIFE with new wine services and ways to enjoy wine. 《Glazmataz Monitor Present Campaign》〈Questionnaire〉1. How many types of glasses do you currently have? (If it is okay, who is the maker?) 2. Where did you buy the glasses?3. How many glasses are damaged each year? 4. How are glasses most often broken? (Multiple answers are welcome) 5. Please include any glass usage/breakage problems or stories youʼd like to share.This QR will open the Questionnaire and application form below online.specification   GM125 W125×D250×H285(㎜)  RRP¥1,800(Tax not included)   GM100 W100×D200×H285(㎜)  RRP¥1,600(Tax not included)

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