-8-〈 Plumm Glass 〉 Even when you are drinking a fruit juice, vegetable juice or simply water, sipping it from a carefully-cleaned glass presented on a white tablecloth, instead of a small plastic cup, adds to your enjoyment and sense of fulfilment. Humans are complex by nature, and the response of our senses not only to the taste of food or drink, but also perceptions of colour, shape, aromas, and sense of touch in the hand and in the mouth, all add to enjoyment of eating and drinking.Especially for alcoholic drinks, the drinking environment is important. When I say wine glass, you can immediately conjure up a wide range of materials and shapes that have developed and evolved over time. Champagne glasses are a good example. In movies from the 1920s, the Champagne glass was shaped like a cocktail glass, shallow and wide with a large surface area. Today, we serve Champagne in a ʻflute,ʼ a long thin glass in which the fine Champagne bubbles bead in long strings to the surface, providing on outstanding visual effect that enhances your enjoyment of the wine. However, when you visit and enjoy tastings in the Champagne district, the wineries serve Champagne in a white wine glass, and not in a flute.With this is mind, Plumm Glass created a Champagne glass with a fuller bowl and an elegantly-scalloped rim, designed specifically to draw out the flavours and characters of a full-bodied champagne. When you drink a Champagne like Duval-Leroy Femme de Champagne Grand Cru, a glass like this is essential for enjoying the full range of the wine experience. In addition to Champagne, Plumm Glass has created a small range of wine glasses for different wine styles: White A for aromatic and unoaked whites; White B for medium-bodied and oaked white wines; Red A for full-bodied reds such as Bordeaux and Rhone varietals; and Red B for light-to-medium-bodied red wines such as Burgundy varietals.While you can still enjoy wine served in any glass you may have, matching the wine with the appropriate glass will add to your overall enjoyment. If you are currently using a 100-yen glass, try comparing it to the experience of drinking from a Plumm White A or Multi Red glass. From the feeling of the glass in the hand and touching the lips, to the wineʼs aroma through to the aftertaste, you will realize the choice of glass makes subtle and satisfying differences, adding to the enjoyment of your wine life. Even for the same wine it is a matter of individual taste which glass you feel is the best match, and this choice differs between individuals. If you can enjoy these differences, it adds extra depth and dimension to your wine life.Having offered our VC customers a suitable range of Plumm glasses to match their individual wine selection on a given day, we then set out to tackle a major problem that all wine lovers come face-to-face with — no matter how carefully you handle and store wine glasses, they are easily broken. How then, to create a system for minimize breakage? For product details, see the Plumm glass brochure or www.village-cellars.co.jp【Our Plumm Glass Rental Service】has also been well received. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries – if you can provide the number and type of glasses you would like to rent, and how many days, we will give you a rental service estimate. VC Updates: Plumm Glass and the new ʻGlazmatazʼ glass rackThe glass changes with the wine. But who is taking care of the glass...?Looking for a simple solution of how to take better care of wine glasses, we developed ʻGlazmataz.ʼOur slogan for Plumm glasses, “The Glass Matters,” highlights the importance of the glass in enjoying wine. Now, we have extended the concept of “matters” to the glass itself, with our newly-developed glass rack (patent pending) which weʼve named “GLAZMATAZ.” Having subjected test units to practical usage tests over the last three years, we believe Glazmataz will solve the challenges of safely cleaning and storing wine glasses.We will start sales of Glazmataz racks for red wine glasses this April, and Glazmataz racks for white wine glasses in June.Richard B. Cohen Managing Director Village Cellars Co., Ltd.

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