-7-In London's fair city, in Pall Mall to be exact, next to St.James Palace, there is a private members’ club dedicated to wine. The multi-story facility provides everything you would expect from a private club, with the addition of 400 dierent wines avail-able by the glass. That's not a misprint! 400, very likely the most anywhere in the world. How can the club do this without wast-ing wine? The answer is simple, the advent of Argon gas as a means to preserve wine more than 10 years ago has made it possible.We are not suggesting you have this many wines open at home at any one time, not unless you have dozens of people popping in every day for a glass that is. But with a can of winesave pro around there is no reason not to have 5 or 6 open. That allows you to enjoy 2 or 3 dierent wines with your meals whenever you like.There are a number of solutions available to preserve open bottles of wine with argon, some of them giving longer bottle life than others, but none are as simple or cheap as Argon winesave Pro, and if you are likely to nish the bottle within several weeks, then we stongly recommend Argon winesave Pro as the way to go.Our personal experience has been that we can keep wines fresh for several months, but this is a little academic, the availabity of any easily poured glass tends to empty the bottle before that. We have also found that many younger wines are more enjoyable days and weeks later; the process of opening, pouring, and dosing with argon seems to put the wines through an accelerated maturation process without perceptibly oxydising them.And we have an important tip: dose the bottle as soon as you have poured a round, even if you are thinking you might have another glass later. A little bit of gas will save a lot of wine a few weeks down the track.Good drinking.The Village Cellars TeamRRP#284The smart new wayto prevent oxidationArgon winesave Pro is 100% Argon, a tasteless, odourless, colourless inert gas that constitutes 1% of the air around us. Argon is heavier than nitrogen and oxygen, so only a small amount is required to cover the surface of the wine to protect it from oxidation. With Argon winesave Pro, you can rest assured that if you open several wines at the same time, you can enjoy them all over an extended period.Argon winesave ProKeep open bottles of wine in perfect condition for an extended time✔ □✔ EasySimple to use in 3 steps□✔ □: Safety Inert and harmless 100% Argon Reduce food wasteIt can also be used with foods::“Spray” (One second or less).Argon covers the surface to block oxygen and prevent oxidation.- Reseal the bottle.\Antioxidant gas for use with food including wine after openingArgon winesave Pro (excluding tax)“Spray” (One second or less).Good for up to 150applications(ex. olive oil, coee beans etc.)

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