Champagne※Details for all of our wines are available on our homepage. www.village-cellars.co.jp※Annotations: Vint. = Vintage Change, Name = Name Change, ¥↑ = Price raised, ¥↓=Price resuced, RS=Residual Sugar.-59-NahuenIn 2006, Alfonso Undurraga Marimon and winemaker Jose Miguel Ovalle set out to create a range of value wines showing the pure avours of Chile, using fruit from top vineyards in the Colchagua and Curico Valleys.11162Nahuen Reserva Especial Sauvignon Blanc S'18Curico Valley\1,200Sauvignon Blanc100% Alc.12.6% 10961Nahuen Reserva Especial Chardonnay S'18Curico Valley\1,200Chardonnay Alc.12.5% 10496Terrapura Cabernet Sauvignon S'16Colchagua Valley\1,300Cabernet Sauvignon100% Alc.14.0% 10497Terrapura Carmenere S'16Colchagua Valley\1,300Carmenere85%/Other Red15% Alc.13.9% 11166Nahuen Reserva Especial Pinot Noir S'18Itata Valley\1,200Pinot Noir100% Alc.13.5% 10962Cinco '16Central Valley\1,580Syrah35%/Carmenere30%/Cabernet Sauvignon20%/Merlot10%/Carignan5% Alc.14.5% 10963Nahuen Gran Reserva Chardonnay S'17Casablanca Valley\1,500Chardonnay Alc.13.1% 10965Nahuen Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon '16Colchagua Valley\1,500Cabernet Sauvignon100% Alc.13.9% Champagnede VenogeFounded in 1837 by Henri Marc de Venoge, a Swiss nobleman who moved to Champagne to create exceptional wines, de Venoge produces a range of high quality NV and vintage Champagnes.10870Cordon Bleu Brut NVAs a first press wine, the Cordon Blue has 20% reserve wine from the previous two years added to the blend of Pinot Noir 50%, Pinot Meunier 25% and Chardonnay 25%. Bright gold, the wide aromatic complexity ranges from Granny Smith to lemon and honey. Dense and elegant, perfect as an aperitif.\6,800Champagne AOCPinot Noir34%/Chardonnay33%/Pinot Meuniere33% Alc.12.2% Dosage6.1g/L10871Cordon Bleu Brut (375ml) NVChampagne AOC\3,600Pinot Noir50%/Pinot Meuniere25%/Chardonnay25% Alc.12.2% Dosage7.8g/L10872Cordon Bleu Brut (1500ml) NVChampagne AOC\13,600Pinot Noir50%/Pinot Meuniere25%/Chardonnay25% Alc.12.2% Dosage7.8g/L10873Cordon Bleu Brut (3000ml) NVChampagne AOC\38,800Pinot Noir50%/Pinot Meuniere25%/Chardonnay25% Alc.12.2% Dosage6.1g/L10876Cordon Bleu Brut Rose NVAs a first press wine, the Cordon Blue has 20% reserve wine from the previous two years added to the blend of Pinot Noir 60%, Pinot Meunier 20% and Chardonnay 20%. An intense nose, the rst sip is fruity and persistent, oering both roundness and vivacity. Excellent as an aperitif.\8,400Champagne AOCPinot Noir60%/Pinot Meuniere20%/Chardonnay20% Alc.12.2% Dosage7.8g/L

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