Argentina※All wines are 750ml unless otherwise specied. Prices do not include Consumption Tax.“S”before the vintage signies Screw Cap. RRP= Recommended Retail Price.※Annotations: Vint. = Vintage Change, Name = Name Change, ¥↑ = Price raised, ¥↓=Price resuced, RS=Residual Sugar.-56-ArgentinaAmalayaLocated over 1600 meters above sea level in Argentina's Northern Calchaqui Valley, intense sun in the day and cool nights help create wines with concentrated fruit balanced with ne acidity.11189Rose S'18Malbec 95%, Torrontes 5%. Aromas of cherries and strawberries from the Malbec with subtle orange blossom notes from the Torrontes. Very fresh, velvety and fruity in the mouth, the medium-bodied palate is elegant and subtle.\1,500Valle Calchaqui, SaltaMalbec95%/Torrontes5% Alc.13.5% 11188Malbec '18Brilliant ruby with violet edges. Aromas of strawberries, raspberries and ripe fruit with a touch of pepper and spices, and elegant oral notes. Flavours of red fruit, spice and hints of vanilla from aging in French oak in the mouth. Nice and fresh, with round, soft tannins leading to a lingering nish.\1,850Valle Calchaqui, SaltaMalbec85%/Tannat10%/Petit Verdot5% Alc.14.3% Bodega ColomeFounded in 1831 it is one of Argentina's oldest wineries. Set in the Andes foothills, the biodynamic vineyards experience wide dierences between day and night temperatures, producing elegant avourful wines.11192Torrontes S'18From high altitude vineyards in the Upper Calchaqui Valleys, Salta, Argentina. The classic Argentinian white varietal, this Torrontes offers citrus aromas of grapefruit with floral notes of roses and a touch of spice. In the mouth it is fresh, round and well-bodied with a long, elegant nish.\1,850Valle Calchaqui, SaltaTorrontes100% Alc.13.9% 10780Estate Malbec '15Bright and intense in the glass, beautiful aromas of blackberries, red fruits and exotic oral notes entice the senses. On the palate, a full lush entry of ripe rich black fruit is underlaid by hints of pepper and spiced oak notes. Fresh acidity supports big, bold tannins and wonderful complexity. (See page7 for more details.)\3,500Valle Calchaqui, SaltaMalbec Alc.14.9% 10779Autentico Malbec '17The majority of the fruit is from vineyards over 100 years old together with 15-year old vineyards, all located at 2300 meters elevation. Intense almost black, the nose highlights elegant spices and fresh oral aromas that lead to bright acidity and rich avours of black and red fruits in the mouth. (See page7 for more details.)\5,000Valle Calchaqui, SaltaMalbec100% Alc.15.0% 10285Lote Especial Sauvignon Blanc '16Vineyards at 3000 meters altitude contribute ripe fruit and fresh flavours. A golden colour, complex with white and exotic fruit aromas, oral and mineral notes, and a touch of herbs. Fruity and fresh in the mouth with notes of toasted wood adding complexity, good body, elegant with a long nish.\4,500Valle Calchaqui, SaltaSauvignon Blanc100% Alc.13.9% 11191Lote Especial Malbec La Brava '17The agship varietal in Argentina, this Malbec is grown at 1700m in the La Brava Estate in Cafayate. Bright red, with aromas of mature black and red fruits. Concentrated and complex, it is fresh, with good volume on the palate. (See page7 for more details.)\3,200Valle Calchaqui, SaltaMalbec100% Alc.14.7% 10287Lote Especial Tannat '15Very dark in the glass, the oral nose shows notes of black fruit, with concentrated and elegant spicy notes. The palate highlights the distinctive freshness and rounded tannins associated with Tannats from the high altitude Salta region.\3,200Valle Calchaqui, SaltaTannat100% Alc.14.8% 10027Lote Especial Bonarda '14The Bonarda variety is very popular in Argentina. This Special Selection uses fruit from the La Brava Estate vineyards, located at 1,700 meters. Ruby with purple hues, the nose shows black and red fruit aromas with a spicy mint. Concentrated and complex, it is fresh, with good volume on the palate.\3,200Valle Calchaqui, SaltaBonarda100% Alc.14.0% 10290Lote Especial Pinot Noir '15An intense ruby bright colour. Very fresh, complex and concentrated on the nose, with blackcurrant and raspberry aromas, and spice, oral and herbal notes. The red fruits follow through on the medium-bodied palate, showing a good tannic structure.\8,000Valle Calchaqui, SaltaPinot Noir100% Alc.13.7% 10291Altura Maxima Malbec '13This Malbec from the highest elevation vineyards in the world shows a true expression of the terroir which receives much more sun and much less UV protection, producing thicker skinned grapes that deliver a more robust mouthfeel supported by fresh acidity.\14,800Valle Calchaqui, SaltaMalbec100% Alc.15.0%

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