ChampagneAll wines are 750ml unless otherwise specied. Prices do not include Consumption Tax.“S”before the vintage signies Screw Cap. RRP= Recommended Retail Price.■Champagne-56-Champagnede VenogeFounded in 1837 by Henri Marc de Venoge, a Swiss nobleman who moved to Champagne to create exceptional wines, de Venoge produces a range of high quality NV and vintage Champagnes. Region:Champagne AOC10870Cordon Bleu Brut NVAs a first press wine, the Cordon Blue has 20% reserve wine from the previous two years added to the blend of Pinot Noir 50%, Pinot Meunier 25% and Chardonnay 25%. Bright gold, the wide aromatic complexity ranges from Granny Smith to lemon and honey. Dense and elegant, perfect as an aperitif.\6,800Pinot Noir50%/Pinot Meuniere25%/Chardonnay25% Alc.12.0% Dosage 6.1g/L10871Cordon Bleu Brut (375ml) NVPinot Noir50%/Pinot Meuniere25%/Chardonnay25% Alc.12.0% Dosage 6.1g/L\3,60010872Cordon Bleu Brut (1500ml) NVPinot Noir50%/Pinot Meuniere25%/Chardonnay25% Alc.12.0% Dosage 7.8g/L\13,60010876Cordon Bleu Brut Rose NVAs a first press wine, the Cordon Blue has 20% reserve wine from the previous two years added to the blend of Pinot Noir 60%, Pinot Meunier 20% and Chardonnay 20%. An intense nose, the rst sip is fruity and persistent, oering both roundness and vivacity. Excellent as an aperitif.\8,400Pinot Noir60%/Pinot Meuniere20%/Chardonnay20% Alc.12.0% Dosage 6.1g/L11161Princes Extra Brut NVPinot Noir35%/Chardonnay35%/Pinot Meuniere30% Alc.12.0% Dosage 4.0g/L\12,000New10879Princes Blanc de Blancs NVMade solely from carefully blended Premiers Crus and Grand Crus (Mesnil sur Oger, Trepail). Showing wonderful mineral notes, its freshness and elegance are underlined by subtle aromas of white owers and citrus. The elegant bottle recalls the crystal asks of European aristocracy.\12,000Chardonnay100% Alc.12.0% Dosage 6.0g/L10878Princes Blanc de Noirs NVMade predominantly from Montagne de Reims Premiers and Grand Crus, the blend is completed by a careful selection of parcels from Les Riceys. Displaying a beautiful balance of aromatic richness and freshness, it reveals captivating aromas of fresh red fruits and blackcurrant.\12,000Pinot Noir100% Alc.12.0% Dosage 6.0g/L10877Princes Rose NV100% Pinot Noir, a precise selection from the Petite and Grande Montagne de Reims adds minerality and rectitude, while fruit from Les Riceys adds richness. Citrus aromas paired with strawberry and gooseberry avours make this a truly wonderful Champagne to accompany ne seafood.\12,000Pinot Noir100% Alc.12.0% Dosage 6.0g/L11080Princes Brut Tour Eiel NVPinot Noir1/3 /Pinot Meuniere1/3 /Chardonnay1/3 Alc.12.0% Dosage 6.0g/L\15,000See page6 for more details.New10881Louis XV '08From an exceptional vintage, the first Louis XV vintage made using malolactic fermentation. Intense aromas of almond and citrus with peppery notes and subtle minerality suggesting great complexity. The attack is powerful with exceptional freshness, beautiful tension, and a nal note of salinity.\45,000Chardonnay50%/Pinot Noir50% Alc.12.0% Dosage 6.0g/L

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