ArgentinaAll wines are 750ml unless otherwise specied. Prices do not include Consumption Tax.“S”before the vintage signies Screw Cap. RRP= Recommended Retail Price.-56-The Eyrie VineyardsThe oldest winery in Oregon, established in 1965 by David Lett who pioneered winemaking in Oregon, and established its global reputation at the legendary ‘1975 Paris tasting’. His son Jason Lett continues the family tradition.10478Pinot Gris '15Concentrated aromatics of pear, citrus, and spring greens. The palate unfolds a spectrum of pome fruits and crushed fennel, the racy natural acidity complemented by a texture that is round while still being dry and light. Refreshing, direct, with focused acidity and lingering nish.\3,850Dundee Hills, Willamette ValleyPinot Gris Alc.12.5% Vint.9666Pinot Blanc '13The 2013 vintage has both the bright acidity of a cool year and ripe fruit overtones of a warm year, providing an attractive and energetic balance. Ferrous and bright, with notes of green fruit, white rose and just a hint of eervescence. Mineral-driven, with lightly layered aromas and a refreshing palate.\4,300Dundee Hills, Willamette ValleyPinot Blanc Alc.12.5% 10248Chardonnay '15A barrel selection, each barrel is fermented with its own yeast and ages at its own rate, before careful selection and blending. Fresh citrus and pear avors, sublime texture, with hints of mineral.\5,300Dundee Hills, Willamette ValleyChardonnay Alc.12.5% 9401Chardonnay Reserve '11The Reserve is sourced from David Lett's two original Chardonnay plantings in 1965 through to 1974. A traditional style aged in carefully selected barrels, the lively acidity dances with rich texture, fresh fruit, and a lingering nish.\8,800Dundee Hills, Willamette ValleyChardonnay Alc.12.5% 10249Rose of Pinot Noir '15The warmest year in Oregon in more than 100 years. A particularly complex vintage, it was partially barrel fermented in neutral oak, and aged 6 months before bottling. Berry and floral notes float over a full-avoured, rich front to mid-palate.\4,300Willamette ValleyPinot Noir Alc.12.5% 10378Pinot Noir '14The overall impression is freshness and balance. On the nose, savoury red raspberry and blueberry combine with a truffled earthiness and floral spice. On the palate, crushed strawberry, violets, and sweet cherry pay homage to the riper year.\7,000Willamette ValleyPinot Noir Alc.13.5% 10164Original Vines Pinot Noir '13A rich nose with dark fruit and plenty of earth. On the palate, the ripe fruit from the warm summer blends intriguingly with a bright acidity brought on by the cool-down at harvest, providing the best of both worlds!\13,400Dundee Hills, Willamette ValleyPinot Noir Alc.13.0% ArgentinaAmalayaLocated over 1600 meters above sea level in Argentina's Northern Calchaqui Valley, intense sun in the day and cool nights help create wines with concentrated fruit balanced with ne acidity.10023White S'15Torrontes 85%, Riesling 15%. A white blend made with Argentina's distinctive white varietal. Pale with shiny gold notes. Citrus aromas, especially grapefruit and lemon peel, dominate the nose. In the mouth it is delicate and silky, yet fresh and crisp, with good acidity and a distinctive mineral note.\1,500Valle Calchaqui, SaltaTorrontes85%/ Riesling15% Alc.13.0% 10022Rose S'15Malbec 95%, Torrontes 5%. Cherry and strawberry aromas typical of Malbec, the Torrontes adding oral aromas with subtle orange blossom notes. A refreshing entry in the mouth, velvety and fruity, with the medium-body preserving the fresh and fruity flavours, leading to an elegant nish.\1,500Valle Calchaqui, SaltaMalbec95%/ Torrontes5% Alc.13.0% 10283Red Malbec Blend S'15Showing the smoky character of grape skins exposed to sunlight in high altitude vineyards. A eshy red, the concentrated blackberry and dried blueberry flavours are supported by fresh acidity. Mineral and dark chocolate notes linger with hints of white pepper on the nish. \1,850Valle Calchaqui, SaltaMalbec85%/ Tannat10%/ Syrah5% Alc.13.9% Vint.

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