OregonAll wines are 750ml unless otherwise specied. Prices do not include Consumption Tax.“S”before the vintage signies Screw Cap. RRP= Recommended Retail Price.-52-BrooksFounder Jimi Brooks' untimely death left Pascal Brooks the youngest winery owner in the world. Jimi's sister and Oregon winegrowers support Jimi's legacy of making small lot biodynamic wines in the Eola Hills.10888Amycas '17Bursting with spring owers, punchy citrus acidity, and refreshing herbs, this blend of 5 white varietals evokes spring gardens and blossoms. Aromas of elderower, clementine, squeezed lemon, starfruit, and mint on the nose. The palate shows lime curd, endive, melon, aked salt and orange blossom.\3,000Willamette ValleyRiesling30%/ Muscat25%/ Pinot Blanc20&/ Pinot Gris15&/ Gewurztraminer10% Alc.13.0% Vint.10600Riesling Willamette Valley '16Aromas of Meyer lemon, grapefruit, green apple, fresh thyme, gardenia, lanolin and apricot skin on the nose. The palate shows bright nectarine, white pepper, rosewater, fresh cut mango and white grapefruit. Structured and pithy, with vibrant acidity and refreshing citrus avours.\3,400Willamette ValleyRiesling Alc.12.7% RS 8.1g/L10361Sweet P Riesling '15Delicate aromas of melon, white peach, tangerine, with notes of gingery spice, honeysuckle and white orals. The o-dry palate is bursting with pretty, ripe, unctuous fruit including apricot, melon, and white peach, leading to a long beautiful nish.\4,000Eola-Amity Hills, Willamette ValleyRiesling Alc.11.5% RS 39.7g/L10603Oak Ridge Gewurztraminer '16Aromas of ambergris, passionfruit, jasmine, lychee and white peach on the nose. Orange curd, ginger, soaked golden raisins, rose pastille, Celtic sea salt contribute to a rich and viscous mouthfeel, with bright acidity, lingering salinity, and a spicy, oral nish.\3,400Columbia Gorge, WashingtonGewurztraminer100% Alc.14.2% 10891Riesling Ara '16Elegant aromas of orange blossom essence, cherry, lanolin, ripe pineapple and nectarine on the nose. The palate reveals candied lime, mango, bitter orange marmalade, peach, watermelon and aked sea salt, with mouthwatering acidity interplaying with soft tannins yielding depth and tension.\4,500Willamette ValleyRiesling Alc.12.8% RS 14.4g/L10601Runaway Red Pinot Noir '16Aromas of cherry, strawberry compote, cinnamon bark, pear, maple wood and molasses on the nose, is complemented by pomegranate, gingerbread, blood orange, breakfast tea, spices and dates in the mouth. Showing focused depth of fruit, vibrant acidity and an uplifting nish.\3,600Willamette ValleyPinot Noir Alc.13.8% 10602Pinot Noir Willamette Valley '15Aromas of fresh cherries, wild strawberry, cranberry and red plum, with earthy, heady notes of mushroom, fresh turned soil, dried red currants and florals. Mouthcoating, rich and velvety with smoky bacon flavours, a luxurious long, fruity, lush finish with complex secondary characters.\4,500Willamette ValleyPinot Noir Alc.13.8% 10890Pinot Noir Janus '15Aromas of bright cherry compote, nutmeg, sage, tobacco leaf and toee on the nose. The palate reveals prominent red fruit, with fresh pomegranate, poached pear and red apple skin, spice and earth nuances, supported by bold acidity, rm tannins, and a round, oral nish.\6,000Willamette ValleyPinot Noir Alc.14.0% 10895Pinot Noir Janus (1500ml) '15Willamette Valley\12,600Pinot Noir Alc.14.0% 10892Tethys (375ml) '15Willamette Valley\4,500Riesling Alc.11.5% RS 103.4g/LChehalemThe pioneering vineyard on Ribbon Ridge, in Chehalem, Indian for ‘Valley of the Flowers’, it was established by Harry Peterson-Nedry in 1980 and makes classic Oregon Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling.10078Three Vineyard Riesling S'14Lovely gardenia and white flower aromatics, lemon curd, lemonade, ripe peach and pear, and talc on the nose. Fruit cocktail, lime oil, sweet tarts and white peaches continue on the palate, with juicy freshness balanced by great acidity.\3,800Willamette ValleyRiesling Alc.12.9% RS 16.0g/L9879Three Vineyard Pinot Gris S'14Willamette Valley\4,000Pinot Gris100% Alc.14.4% RS 8.0g/L

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