-5-VC autumn recommendationsTop: San Antonio Valley estate vineyards. Bottom: Chickens play an important role in managing the Demeter certied vineyards.NEWOutstanding quality for the price! Chilean Pinot Noir from the Matetic Wine Group’s Matetic and Nahuen labels.With recent advances in technology and expertise, Chilean wines today oer excellent value for money right across the price range from low to high. These Pinot Noirs highlight this quality value proposition. Matetic, a premium bou-tique winery founded in 1999, has 160 hectares of vineyards in San Antonio Valley and nearby Casablanca Valley. Since 2002, the vineyards have been farmed using organic and biodynamic practices, and in 2013 all vineyards received Demeter certication. In addition, their ‘Nahuen by Terrapura’ (a rebranding of Terrapura) range run by a family member from Matetic Wine Group, oers outstanding daily drinking bargains. Outstanding quality at each price point! RRP¥1,200Origin: Itata Valley, ChileVariety: Pinot Noir 100% Alc. 13.5%400 km south of the capital Santiago, Itata Valley was the birthplace of wine-making in Chile. The favourable condi-tions, including winter rainfall, sucient sunshine, and well-drained soil, have attracted fresh interest in recent years. This Pinot Noir from a vineyard in a mar-itime environment has a soft, silky mouthfeel. Serve lightly chilled as an aperitif.Origin: San Antonio Valley, ChileVarietal: Pinot Noir Alc. 13.5%San Antonio Valley overlooking the Pacic Ocean is a cool climate region inuenced by the cold Humboldt Current. The strong sunlight and the large day to night temperature dier-ence produce mature fruit, with fruity acids and soft tannins. Well-drained slopes and the dierent orientations in the vineyard contribute to the complex avours.Nahuen ReservaEspecial Pinot Noir 2018 (Screw cap)CODE11166RRP¥2,800Matetic CorralilloPinot Noir 2016 (Screw cap)CODE10519CODE11423The fascinating world of skin contactRRP¥5,400Varietal: Pinot GrisAlc. 13.3%Fruit is fermented in multiple lots, utiliz-ing whole berry fermentation, whole cluster fermentation, and carbonic maceration in dierent proportions. It is in contact with the skins between 21 and 45 days, before maturing in barrels for up to 18 months. The result is an assertive structure of tannin and acid, with ne exotic aromatics, refreshing mouthfeel and complex avours.Johan VineyardsPinot Gris Drueskall 2017Origin: Van Duzer Corridor, Willamette Valley, Oregon CODE9409Napa’s vintage to remember 2007RRP¥10,000Varietals: Cabernet Franc 95%, Cabernet Sauvi-gnon 3%, Merlot 2% Alc. 14.8%2007 was an outstanding vintage in Napa Valley, an ideal season that now lives in legend. After aging for 12 years, this Cabernet Franc is dominated by secondary aromas including dried gs, minerals, and humus that have matured beautifully. The condensed fruit avours have deepened, and the rened tannins give a feeling of completeness. Don't miss this special opportunity to taste the very limited re-release direct from the winery library!McKenzie-MuellerCabernet Franc 2007Origin: Napa Valley, CA Limited to 60 bottlesFor wine information, please see www.village-cellars.co.jp.

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