Oregon※Details for all of our wines are available on our homepage. www.village-cellars.co.jp※Annotations: Vint. = Vintage Change, Name = Name Change, ¥↑ = Price raised, ¥↓=Price resuced, RS=Residual Sugar.-49-10069Chardonnay S'14Aromas of green apple, honeysuckle blossom, freshly cut honeydew and lime leaves that evolve to quince, chamomile and beeswax. The palate bursts with oral and citric avours oering beautiful acidity and brightness. The nish is focused, with well-balanced freshness and structure, showing power and depth.\3,000OregonChardonnay Alc.13.0% 10235Rose S'16Opens with exuberant aromas of rose, strawberry, hibiscus, watermelon, lemon, thyme and orange peel, with cranberry and wet stone. On the palate, red fruit avours with refreshing acidity oer a creamy freshness, volume and length, nishing clean and crisp.\3,000OregonSangiovese Alc.13.0% Vint.10148Pinot Noir S'14Opens with rich primary aromas of strawberries, cherries, blueberries and raspberries, developing to violets, pipe tobacco, iron and wet stone. The mid-palate reveals ripe tannins and crisp acidity, with a touch of minerality and spice adding complexity.\3,500OregonPinot Noir Alc.13.5% Bergstro‥mEstablished in 1997 as an artisanal winery focused on crafting premium single vineyard wines from 6 low-yielding biodynamic vineyards in the Dundee Hills, they make outstanding Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.10073Old Stones Chardonnay S'13White gold in the glass with a green tint. Classic Chardonnay aromas of citrus blossoms, lime and citrus zest, saron, savoury and spicy notes, and the minerality of wet stones. On the palate it shows astounding purity, with a tight powerful structure, citrus and stone fruit avours, and a delicious core of sweetness.\4,500Willamette ValleyChardonnay Alc.13.5% 9392Sigrid Chardonnay '12A barrel selection of Bergstrom's nest Chardonnay. Explosively aromatic, with hazelnut, saron, lime lemon, spiced cream, hints of smoke and brioche. The palate shows a harmonious balance between richness and concentration, with enveloping layers of avour, acidic tension and mineral cut.\12,700Willamette ValleyChardonnay Alc.14.1% 9616Pinot Noir Cumberland Reserve '13Dark red cherry, it showcases an explosive and heady aromatic prole of fresh black cherries, red raspberries a slight kirsch note and ripe blueberries. In the mouth it shows great verve, lift and vibrancy, with rich, ripe berry flavours and a suave velvet-like structure which caresses the palate.\7,200Willamette ValleyPinot Noir Alc.13.1% 10074Silice Pinot Noir '14Very dark ruby. Robustly aromatic with sweet spicy floral characters express the silica-rich soils, with notes of gingerbread, anise, sweet violets and raspberry. The palate shows sweet-candied dark fruits with ne-grained tannins.\10,500Chehalem Mountains, Willamette ValleyPinot Noir Alc.13.8% 9390Pinot Noir Bergstro..m Vineyard '12Dark ruby with deep purple and violet tints. Deep brooding and complex aromas ranging from intense black cherry and dark raspberry to smoked meat, iron ore, campfire, dark chocolate and minty spice. Powerful and impressive, with undertones of roses and sweet violets, and revealing elegance.\13,000Dundee Hills, Willamette ValleyPinot Noir Alc.14.1% BrooksFounder Jimi Brooks' untimely death left Pascal Brooks the youngest winery owner in the world. Jimi's sister and Oregon winegrowers support Jimi's legacy of making small lot biodynamic wines in the Eola Hills.10076Amycas '15Riesling 44%, Pinot Blanc 21%, Muscat 15%, Gewurztraminer 10%, Pinot Gris 10%. Aromas of orange with intense notes of honeysuckle and jasmine, bright citrus and nectarine. Youthful and lively on the palate, this elegant blend is rich and juicy, texturally plump, yet light on its feet with bouncy acidity.\3,000Willamette ValleyRiesling44%/ Pinot Blanc21%/ Muscat15%/ Gewurztraminer10%/ Pinot Gris10% Alc.13.5% 9876Oak Ridge Gewurztraminer '13Lovely classic perfumed nose of potpourri, white roses and lychee syrup, with melon, snap peas, pear, white peach, citrus flowers and ginger and Indian spices. The texture is generous and mouth coating with rich, ripe fruits, a nish of fresh ginger and Indian spices, and a bright verve of snappy acidity.\3,200Columbia Gorge, WashingtonGewurztraminer Alc.12.5% 9877Pinot Noir Rose '14Beautiful vibrant pink, bright and electric. On the nose it shows a eld of fresh owers, sliced watermelon, cranberry, strawberry, tomato leaf and wild herbs. It even smells tangy. In the mouth it is full-bodied and ripe with a touch of sweetness, with fresh, ripe red fruits with a hint of vanilla, mint and basil.\3,600Willamette ValleyPinot Noir Alc.14.4%


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