OregonAll wines are 750ml unless otherwise specied. Prices do not include Consumption Tax.“S”before the vintage signies Screw Cap. RRP= Recommended Retail Price.-48-OregonA to Z WineworksA negociant project launched in 2001 by two couples well-known in the Oregon wine industry, the brand has become renowned for its superb blending and excellent value showcase of Oregon wines.11135Rose Bubbles (Crown cap) NVPrimarily Pinot Noir with a touch of Chardonnay. A pale pink, with zippy fruit aromas of wild strawberries, white peach, nectarine, melon, pear, apple and tangerine, with notes of lemongrass, mint, cinnamon and ginger. On the palate, bright, lively acidity is balanced by a creamy texture in the mouth.\3,000OregonPinot Noir90%/ Chardonnay10% Alc.12.5% RS 13.6g/L11023Riesling S'18Brilliant and clear with emerald highlights. Expressive and expansive on the nose with lime zest and tangerine aromas, mixed with gooseberry, apricot, honey, mint, jasmine and more. The palate is impeccably balanced with refreshing acidity, ample richness and texture, nishing fresh and juicy.\3,000OregonRiesling Alc.12.0% RS 19.5g/L10883Pinot Gris S'17Initial aromas of stone fruits, with hints of pineapple, lychee and lemon meringue, together with notes of pear marmalade, apples, orange zest and ginger as it opens. The palate is balanced and fresh, with crisp acidity and soft tannins, bursting with citrus and an abundance of fruit avours.\3,000OregonPinot Gris Alc.13.5% RS 5.2g/L10884Chardonnay S'17A beautiful shine in the glass, it opens on the nose with lemongrass, key lime, honey, pear and white peach, with grapefruit, honeydew and pineapple notes. The broad palate is fresh with vibrant acidity, with cool climate aromatics and flavours in perfect harmony, showing freshness and purity of fruit.\3,000OregonChardonnay Alc.13.0% 10621Rose S'17Aromas of fresh-cut strawberries, rose petals and watermelon turning to bolder aromas of raspberry, grenadine, fresh plums and papaya. The generous mid-palate shows excellent balance and juicy acidity, nishing clean and fresh.\3,000OregonSangiovese Alc.13.0% 10598Pinot Noir S'15A stunning Pinot Noir from a perfect vintage. Striking aromas of black cherries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries, overlaid with spices. The palate opens with complex pure red and blue fruit avours, with ripe dusty tannins overlaid by juicy acidity, and a mineral quality.\3,500OregonPinot Noir Alc.13.5% Bergstro‥mEstablished in 1997 as an artisanal winery focused on crafting premium single vineyard wines from 6 low-yielding biodynamic vineyards in the Dundee Hills, they make outstanding Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.11137Old Stones Chardonnay '17A crystalline, brilliant white-gold. Aromas of mango, mandarin, saron and sweet spice give way to citrus blossom delicacy. On the palate it is racy and taut, with a core of citrus tropical fruits, succulent natural acidity, and stony minerality that promises further complexity with bottle aging.\4,500Willamette ValleyChardonnay Alc.13.3% 10886Pinot Noir Cumberland Reserve '16Classic Oregon Pinot Noir, with bright crunchy-fresh fruit, earthy intensity, a reductive intiness, mushroom-laden and a complex fruit-driven aromatic prole with dried herbs, owers, meat and pipe tobacco. Succulent acidity and ne tannins ensure it opens slowly and seductively in the glass.\7,200Willamette ValleyPinot Noir Alc.13.8% 10885Pinot Noir Bergstro..m Vineyard '16Dundee Hills, Willamette Valley\15,700Pinot Noir Alc.13.2%Vint./\↑10476Gargantua Syrah '14Oregon\11,400Syrah Alc.13.2%NewBrooksFounder Jimi Brooks' untimely death left Pascal Brooks the youngest winery owner in the world. Jimi's sister and Oregon winegrowers support Jimi's legacy of making small lot biodynamic wines in the Eola Hills.10604Sparkling Riesling '15The grapes at harvest were extraordinary in quantity and quality, oering ripeness, balance, and expressive avours. Aromas of pomelo, Meyer lemon, oyster shell, fresh thyme, and ripe apricot skin, the palate shows wet stone, white grapefruit, and green almond, with a refreshing acidity.\5,300Willamette ValleyRiesling Alc.12.5% RS 0.7g/L

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