California※Details for all of our wines are available on our homepage. www.village-cellars.co.jp※Annotations: Vint. = Vintage Change, Name = Name Change, ¥↑ = Price raised, ¥↓=Price resuced, RS=Residual Sugar.-45-McKenzie-MuellerBob Mueller and Karen McKenzie were born and raised in Napa Valley, and began as growers before their rst vintage in 1990. They make just 2500 cases a year from their vineyards in Oak Knoll and Los Carneros.10703Sauvignon Blanc '13Straw in colour, aromas of fresh crisp citrus and juicy nectarine on the nose, with secondary notes of orange blossom and nuts. The mouthfeel is pleasurable and bright, with a supple juiciness, weight and roundness.\4,300Napa ValleySauvignon Blanc100% Alc.14.4% 10702Napa JAZZ '13Dark with a deep red rim. Aromas of blueberry and bright cherry, with undercurrents of fresh soil and herbal notes giving complexity and depth. The front of the palate is bright with ripe red cherries, the nish is broad and full with a velvety texture.\4,500Napa ValleyMerlot34.5%/ Malbec34.2%/ Cabernet Franc30.6%/ Cabernet Sauvignon0.7% Alc.15.2% 10804Cabernet Franc '13Aromas of dusty earth, juicy cherry, a hint of true, and smooth and subtle oak spice. The palate is bright with nice juicy red fruit, great structure and a mouthfeel that tempts you to come back for more. The bouquet and palate show the great balance of earth and fruit of a well-made Cabernet Franc.\7,000Napa ValleyCabernet Franc98%/ Merlot1.2%/ Malbec0.8% Alc.14.8% 11019Cabernet Sauvignon '14Dark ruby in colour with aromas of oak spice and creamy chocolate with floral notes. Notes of pepper, blackberry, and earth are in balance with the brighter notes of raspberry and cherry that show on the mid-palate. Without any harsh drying tannins, it is very elegant with a silky texture.\8,700Napa ValleyCabernet Sauvignon86.8%/ Cabernet Franc11%/ MMalbec2.2% Alc.14.9% Opus OneEstablished in 1978 by Baron Philippe de Rothschild of Chateau Mouton Rothschild and Robert Mondavi, Opus One combines both families' winemaking traditions and innovations to create exceptional Bordeaux-style reds in the heart of Napa Valley.10845Opus One '05Napa ValleyOPENCabernet Sauvignon88%/ Merlot5%/ Petit Verdot3%/ Cabernet Franc3%/ Malbec1% Alc.14.0%10846Opus One '07Napa ValleyOPENCabernet Sauvignon79%/ Merlot8%/ Cabernet Franc6%/ Petit Verdot6%/ Malbec1% Alc.14.7%10847Opus One '10Napa ValleyOPENCabernet Sauvignon84%/ Merlot5.5%/ Cabernet Franc5.5%/ Petit Verdot4%/ Malbec1% Alc.14.5%10848Opus One '12Napa ValleyOPENCabernet Sauvignon79%/ Cabernet Franc7%/ Petit Verdot6%/ Merlot6%/ Malbec2% Alc.14.5%10849Opus One '13Napa ValleyOPENCabernet Sauvignon79%/ Cabernet Franc7%/ Merlot6%/ Petit Verdot6%/ Malbec2% Alc.14.5%10850Opus One '14Napa ValleyOPENCabernet Sauvignon80%/ Petit Verdot7%/Cabernet Franc6%/ Merlot5%/ Malbec2% Alc.14.5%10851Opus One '15Napa ValleyOPENCabernet Sauvignon81%/ Cabernet Franc7%/ Merlot6%/ Petit Verdot4%/ Malbec2% Alc.15.0%11229Opus One '16Napa ValleyOPENCabernet Sauvignon77.5%/ Petit Verdot8%/ Merlot8%/ Cabernet Franc5%/ Malbec1.5% Alc.14.7%

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