California※Details for all of our wines are available on our homepage. www.village-cellars.co.jp※Annotations: Vint. = Vintage Change, Name = Name Change, ¥↑ = Price raised, ¥↓=Price resuced, RS=Residual Sugar.-45-McKenzie-MuellerBob Mueller and Karen McKenzie were born and raised in Napa Valley, and began as growers before their rst vintage in 1990. They make just 2500 cases a year from their vineyards in Oak Knoll and Los Carneros.10703Sauvignon Blanc '13Straw in colour, aromas of fresh crisp citrus and juicy nectarine on the nose, with secondary notes of orange blossom and nuts. The mouthfeel is pleasurable and bright, with a supple juiciness, weight and roundness.\4,300Napa ValleySauvignon Blanc100% Alc.14.4%10702Napa JAZZ '13Dark with a deep red rim. Aromas of blueberry and bright cherry, with undercurrents of fresh soil and herbal notes giving complexity and depth. The front of the palate is bright with ripe red cherries, the nish is broad and full with a velvety texture.\4,500Napa ValleyMerlot34.5%/Malbec34.2%/Cabernet Franc30.6%/Cabernet Sauvignon0.7% Alc.15.2%10804Cabernet Franc '13Aromas of dusty earth, juicy cherry, a hint of true, and smooth and subtle oak spice. The palate is bright with nice juicy red fruit, great structure and a mouthfeel that tempts you to come back for more. The bouquet and palate show the great balance of earth and fruit of a well-made Cabernet Franc.\7,000Napa ValleyCabernet Franc98%/Merlot1.2%/Malbec0.8% Alc.14.8%11019Cabernet Sauvignon '14Napa Valley\8,700See page9 for more details.Cabernet Sauvignon86.8%/Cabernet Franc11%/MMalbec2.2% Alc.14.9%Porter CreekGeorge Davis bought 12 acres of Pinot Noir in Russian River in 1977, and soon added Chardonnay. He made his rst wines in 1982, and today his son Alex makes ne wines from their Demeter-certied vineyards.10630Chardonnay '15Russian River Valley, Sonoma\6,000See page8 for more details.Chardonnay Alc.13.2%10631Old Vine Carignan '14Carignan is a red varietal that was widely planted in California during the late 1800's. This wine comes from a vineyard planted in 1939, creating a red that is remarkably rich and generous, yet supple and silky, with a unique fruit prole of blackcurrants, plums and spice.\4,200Mendocino CountyCarignan100% Alc.13.0%Radio-CoteauRadio-Coteau is a wine producer making single-vineyard wines from cool-climate coastal vineyards in Sonoma County and Anderson Valley. The winery, situated in Sebastopol, California, was established in 2002 by Eric Sussman, originally hailing from New York. Almost wines are sold to limited restaurants and mailing customers directly.11174Savoy Chardonnay '17Anderson Valley, Mendocino County\12,000See page9 for more details.Chardonnay Alc.13.0%New11175Savoy Pinot Noir '13Anderson Valley, Mendocino County\12,000See page9 for more details.Pinot Noir Alc.13.5%NewRyder EstateA new brand established by the Scheid family, their select range of wines reflect the unique soils, climate and quality of the Monterey region and California’s Central Coast.11154Sauvignon Blanc S'18Fresh, lively and bright. Aromas of citrus, guava and grapefruit lead into a palate of green apple and apricot with a note of fresh herbs. Pairs delightfully with sushi and sashimi, ramen, and lemon pesto pasta.\1,900Central CoastSauvignon Blanc Alc.13.5%Vint.11021Chardonnay S'17A bright, focused and elegant wine with aromas of yellow delicious apples, citrus and pear with notes of honey, vanilla and floral components. Medium bodied, balanced, bright fruit with caramel notes and subtle hint of creamy, honeyed oak with a lingering nish.\1,900Central CoastChardonnay Alc.13.5%10619Syrah '16Jam-packed with aromas of ripe blackberries and blueberries with vanilla, cedar and white pepper notes. Medium-bodied and well-balanced, with bright red fruit and hints of mocha and toast, the soft tannins lead into a supple lingering nish.\1,900Central CoastSyrah Alc.13.5%

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