New Zealand※Details for all of our wines are available on our homepage. www.village-cellars.co.jp※Annotations: Vint. = Vintage Change, Name = Name Change, ¥↑ = Price raised, ¥↓=Price resuced, RS=Residual Sugar.-39-10869Riesling Block 1 S'18Distinct oral notes lead in this exotically perfumed and deeply avoured Riesling. Ripe apricot integrates with orals and talc-like sensation to give great lift and drive. The imperceptible residual sugar and unique balance of flavour, acidity and low alcohol (9.0%) provide eortless unity.\5,600Central OtagoRiesling Alc.9.4% RS 56g/LVint.11214Chardonnay Bannockburn S'18An inviting and complex nose of almond and apricot kernel with distinctive white orals. Less citrus focused than normal due to a warmer growing season, the palate is textural, nutty and very long. Winemaking is minimalist: not ned or ltered, allowing for greater expression of place.\5,600Central OtagoChardonnay Alc.13.8% Vint.11272Chardonnay Block 2 S'18Inviting aromas of white blossom, delicate peach and hints of citrus, balanced and uncomplicated. The palate is more serious with nutty, complex avours, both mouth-coating and alluring. 16 months harmonising in oak heightens site expression, the deep schist soils showing in the long mineral nish.\6,500Central OtagoChardonnay Alc.13.9% Vint.11273Chardonnay Block 6 S'18Aromas of elderflower and stone fruit, an evocation of bright, reflective stones and cool air. The north facing slope, higher elevation and exposure of Block 6 give an extra degree of ripeness and stature. The palate leads with grapefruit pith and persimmon avours becoming broad and powerful.\6,500Central OtagoChardonnay Alc.13.8% Vint.11215Pinot Noir Bannockburn S'18Characteristic oral, cherry and spice aromas abound from the glass on rst approach. Fruit from four estate vineyards (Elms, MacMuir, Calvert and Cornish Point) delivers appealing diversity of aroma and flavour, along with multiple layers. The deeply textural mouthfeel is silken and approachable.\7,200Central OtagoPinot Noir Alc.13.7% Vint.11277Pinot Noir Calvert S'18The oral and delightfully perfumed nose immediately engages and enthrals. Sweet fruit opens the palate exposing layers of dark cherry, spice and complex earthy notes. The sense of immediacy is quickly tempered by structural and mineral tannins characteristic of Calvert’s deep silt soils.\8,500Central OtagoPinot Noir Alc.13.7% Vint.11217Pinot Noir Cornish Point S'18Lifted aromas of violet and rose integrate seamlessly with black cherry and complexing earth and dried herb notes. The classic Cornish Point expansiveness and deep fruit provides a solid core through the mid-palate. Velvet-like tannins coat the mouth for a rich and thoroughly engaging nish.\8,500Central OtagoPinot Noir Alc.14.0% Vint.Koyama WinesIn addition to being assistant winemaker at Mountford in Waipara for several years, Takahiro Koyama began making his own limited edition wines in 2008, focused on beautifully balanced Pinot Noirs and whites.10701Methode Traditionnelle Riesling Sparkling Brut Nature NVA very dry sparkling Riesling made in very limited quantities by Takahiro Koyama using Methode Traditionnelle and fermented in the bottle for 13 months. With no residual sugar, it is crisp almost sharp in the mouth, with a very ne bead. Excellent with sushi and sashimi.\5,000Waipara Valley, North CanterburyRiesling100% Alc.11.0% No Dosage10700Methode Traditionnelle Riesling Sparkling Brut NVA unique sparkling Riesling made in very limited quantities by Takahiro Koyama using Methode Traditionnelle and fermented in the bottle. An easy-drinking lower-alcohol style, it has a very ne bead. The palate it is dry and rened, showing excellent body and richness.\5,000Waipara Valley, North CanterburyRiesling100% Alc.11.0% RS 8.59g/L11346Methode Traditionnelle Sparkling Brut Nature(PN/CH) '17Waipara Valley, North Canterbury\6,500Pinot Noir90%/Chardonnay10% Alc.11.3% No DosageNew11347Methode Traditionnelle Sparkling Brut(Pinot Chardonnay) '17Waipara Valley, North Canterbury\6,500Pinot Noir90%/Chardonnay10% Alc.11.2% Dosage 7.5g/LVint.11177Tussock Terrace Vineyard Riesling S'18The 2018 vintage enjoyed a warm spring with no frost pressure, with rain during harvest adding a botrytis inuence. Bright gold with a pale straw hue. Aromas of mandarin peel with a hint of honey from botrytis inuence on the palate, slightly oily and rich, with sweet nuances balanced by acidity.\4,200Waipara Valley, North CanterburyRiesling Alc.11.8% RS 24.3g/L

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