AlAll wines are 750ml unless otherwise specied. Prices do not include Consumption Tax. (S) after the vintage siginies Screw Cap. RRP=Recommended Retail Price.R-3-VC's New Arrivals This SummerOrigin: Willamette Valley, Oregon Varietal: RieslingAlc. 11.5% Residual sugar 103.4g/LAfter harvesting, this Brooks gem is made by gently pressing whole bunch, frozen grapes in a long and slow process that takes about a day to two to complete, producing a dark golden juice with concentrated sugar and avours. Aromas of poached pear, oyster shell, ambergris, and honey-suckle on the nose. The palate is rich and supple with lively acidity and great depth of fruit.Riesling made by pressing frozen whole-bunch grapesRRP ¥4,500BrooksTethys (375 ml) 2015CODE10892Novel winemaking produces a unique BarberaRRP ¥2,980Origin: McLaren Vale & Adelaide Hills, South AustraliaVarietal: Barbera 100%Alc. 13.5%Made from handpicked fruit, which undergoes 100% whole bunch carbonic maceration (the whole bunch fruit is put in a tank, sealed, and lled with carbon diox-ide gas), then crushed and goes straight to press. Aromatic and fruity, with Cherry avours beautifully balanced by light acid and tannins. Just 300 dozen produced.Cake WinesBarbera (Crown Cap) 2018CODE11031A classic dry Pinot Noir Rose for summerRRP ¥2,300Origin: Monterey County, CaliforniaVarietal: Pinot NoirAlc. 13.5%The popularity of Rose wines has zoomed in the US in the last few years, led by the active promotion of high-quality Roses sold by the glass in bars and restau-rants, and driven by the use of better-quality grapes. The District 7 is a great example, made from 100% organically grown Pinot Noir from Monterey County, it displays aromas and avours of bright red fruit avours, balanced on the palate by a crisp acidity leading to a lingering nish.District 7Pinot Noir Rose 2017(S)CODE11013Origin: Adelaide Hills, South AustraliaVarietal: Riesling 100%Alc. 11.5% Residual sugar 195.0g/LMade from Botrytis Riesling grapes, it has a beauti-ful balance of acidity and sweetness, is super concentrated and extremely refreshing. Highly aromatic with poached pear, toee and beeswax, with a hint of white owers. A mouthwatering explosion of honeydew and orange zest on the palate. Delicious after a summer meal with fresh cheese, dried fruits and honey.The rened taste of noble rot RieslingRRP ¥2,300d’ArenbergNoble Wrinkled Riesling (375ml) 2017(S)CODE11030A popular choice at our Riesling tastingRRP ¥2,500Origin: Martinborough, New Zealand Varietal: Riesling 100%Alc. 11.5% Residual sugar 6.6g/LAt our Ginza tasting in April, this wine was a popu-lar choice from the 15 dierent Rieslings available. The nose is softly concentrated with aromas of lime fruit with white oral and soft musky botrytis notes. Medium-dry and medium-bodied, the palate has an elegant heart with avours of lime entwined with white orals, hints of honeysuckle and musk, and herb and mineral notes.Palliser EstateMartinborough Riesling 2018(S)CODE10832Zero Dosage Sparkling Riesling RRP ¥5,300Origin: Willamette Valley, OregonVarietal: RieslingAlc. 12.5% Residual sugar 0.7g/LThe rst vintage of the rst sparkling wine produced by Brooks, one of America’s leading Ries-ling producers who have crafted various styles of Riesling over the years. It underwent secondary fermentation in the bottle, was aged on lees for 32 months, racked without dosage, and disgorged in January this year. Full bodied and dry, it is star bright, with refreshing acidity, a lively mousse and zip.BrooksSparkling Riesling 2015CODE10604NEWNEWNEW

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