-27-Australia※Details for all of our wines are available on our homepage. www.village-cellars.co.jp※Annotations: Vint. = Vintage Change, Name = Name Change, ¥↑ = Price raised, ¥↓=Price resuced, RS=Residual Sugar.10820Chardonnay S'17The grapes were harvested early morning and cold fermented to capture all the natural fruit aromas and tastes. Very light straw yellow. Grapefruit, melons, apples and nectarines on the nose, with some grassy notes on the nose and palate. Refreshing and crisp with subtle minerality and complexity.\1,800Adelaide Hills, S.A.Chardonnay100% Alc.12.9%10824Pinot Noir Rose S'17A cool climate Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir-based Rose with a touch of Chardonnay, it is a light blush pink in the glass. Aromas and avours of orals and strawberry on the nose and palette, it shows great length, flavour balance and crisp acidity in the mouth.\1,800Adelaide Hills, S.A.Pinot Noir100% Alc.13.3%10823Pinot Noir S'17An elegant expression of this high-altitude vineyard, capturing rose petal fragrance and Morello cherry and strawberry hull flavours, framed in finely structured tannins and tangy acidity. It carries with length and character, and will blossom in time, propelled by the acidity and tannins.\1,800Adelaide Hills, S.A.Pinot Noir100% Alc.13.8%11184Merlot S'17Adelaide Hills, S.A.\1,800Merlot Alc.14.6%Vint.10821Cabernet Sauvignon S'16Fruit was sourced from the cool climate Adelaide Hills to make this full-bodied and bold Bordeaux-style Cabernet Sauvignon. Red to brick red in the glass. Good berry aromas lift above the French oak notes. The palate is big, chewy and robust, and very full-avoured. Perfect with meat dishes.\1,800Adelaide Hills, S.A.Cabernet Sauvignon Alc.14.5%10932Shiraz S'16Aromas of spice, black fruit and violets with notes of caramel and milk chocolate express fruit from 19-year old vines in the high-altitude Adelaide Hills vineyard. The palate displays presence and body, with ne-boned, beautifully-textured tannins and a long, elegant, pepper-accented nish.\1,800Adelaide Hills, S.A.Shiraz100% Alc.14.4%Moss WoodOne of the pioneers in Margaret River, owners Claire and Keith Mugford took over in 1985 and produce outstanding premium wines from the Moss Wood home estate and nearby Ribbon Vale vineyard purchased in 2000.10669Amy's (375ml) S'17Margaret River, W.A.\1,950Cabernet Sauvignon80%/Merlot10%/Malbec7%/Petit Verdot3% Alc.13.5%10957Amy's S'17Cabernet Sauvignon 80%, Merlot 10%, Malbec 7% and Petit Verdot 3%. Bright red in the glass, with lively aromatics and fruit notes on the nose and palate.\3,680Margaret River, W.A.Cabernet Sauvignon80%/Merlot10%/Malbec7%/Petit Verdot3% Alc.13.5%10979Ribbon Vale Sauvignon Blanc Semillon S'17A light straw colour with green tints. Zesty Sauvignon Blanc aromas of grass, leaf and passionfruit are bolstered by lemon sherbet from the Semillon. Tremendous depth of fruit on the palate, with classic SB acid freshness. A high-quality vintage adds generosity and length.\3,650Margaret River, W.A.Sauvignon Blanc77%/Semillon23% Alc.12.5%10978Ribbon Vale Merlot S'16Rich blackberry, blueberry and cherry aromas dominate, with subtle earthy tones and notes of leather and tar. Rich dark fruits flowing across the palate make the mouthfeel supple and generous, with the tannin and oak on the nish giving just enough rmness and some pencil shavings notes.\6,500Margaret River, W.A.Merlot94%/Cabernet Franc6% Alc.13.5%10977Ribbon Vale Cabernet Sauvignon S'16Blackberry, mulberry and redcurrant aromas on the nose, with notes of leather and eucalypt. The same fruit flavours reveal themselves filling the front and mid-palate with lots of berries and dark jubes. A rm structure sits underneath, with acidity that brightens the avours, and dense tannins.\6,500Margaret River, W.A.Cabernet Sauvignon94%/Cabernet Franc3%/Merlot3% Alc.13.5%11130Semillon S'18Medium to deep straw colour, with green tints. Classic Semillon aromas of green apples and figs, with the added complexity of stewed pears and cinnamon. In the mouth there is a rich mouthfeel, g and pear fruit avours combine on the full body to smooth out the background acidity and tannins.\3,800Margaret River, W.A.Semillon100% Alc.14.0%Vint.11129Cabernet Sauvignon S'16Bright deep brick red. Classic Moss Wood Cab Sav aromatics of blueberries and mulberries, Cab Franc notes of blackberries and violets, and Petit Verdot adding sweet musk lollies and dark jubes. These varietals combine on the palate to give generous blueberry, blackberry and red currant avours.\11,500Margaret River, W.A.Cabernet Sauvignon91%/Petit Verdot5%/Cabernet Franc4% Alc.14.0%Vint.

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