-25-Australia※ Use the QR code for each winery to see more information about the winery and their wines on our website.DelatiteDelatite's cool climate biodynamic vineyards in the Victorian highlands were rst planted in 1968, and the winery established in 1982. Produces outstanding aromatic whites.11401High Ground Chardonnay S'18Made from fruit grown in the cool-climate Victorian High Country, it is whole bunch pressed and fermented with a mix of cultured and natural yeast. Citrus notes with melon character, and light aromatic oak. Medium-bodied and dry on the palate.\2,300Upper Goulburn, Vic.Chardonnay100% Alc.13.7% 11541High Ground Pinot Noir S'19A dry, medium-bodied, cool climate Pinot made from fruit from the Victorian High Country in a soft generous style for early drinking, this elegant wine shows intense red cherry and tart strawberry avours with soft supple tannins.\2,750Upper Goulburn, Vic.Pinot Noir Alc.12.2% Vint.11539Deadman's Hill Gewurztraminer S'18Upper Goulburn, Vic.\3,000(See page3 for more details.)Gewurztraminer100% Alc.14.6% Vint.Dreamtime PassVillage Cellars original brand made for release only in Japan. Oering a range of friendly wines showing consistent quality and excellent value, they oer great everyday drinking Australian wine.3148Sparkling Red(Shiraz) NVSouth Eastern Australia\2,000Shiraz Alc.13.4% RS 21.5g/L9875Kangaroo Label Sparkling Red(Shiraz) NV11451Chardonnay S'19South Eastern Australia\1,350Chardonnay90%/Sauvignon Blanc5%/Semillon5% Alc.13.5% 11452Kangaroo Label Chardonnay S'19 11453Food Pairing Series Chardonnay S'1911109Shiraz S'18South Eastern Australia\1,350Shiraz85%/Semillon10%/Other5% Alc.13.6% 11110Kangaroo Label Shiraz S'18 11111Food Pairing Series Shiraz S'1811339Merlot '18South Eastern Australia\1,350Merlot Alc.14.9% 11340Kangaroo Label Merlot '1811323Cabernet Sauvignon S'19South Eastern Australia\1,350Cabernet Sauvignon91%/Shiraz35/Merlot2.5%/Malbec2%/Grenache1.5% Alc.13.7% 11325Kangaroo Label Cabernet Sauvignon S'19 11324Food Pairing Series Cabernet Sauvignon S'19EldertonThe Ashmead family bought the long-established Elderton vineyards in 1979, and released their rst wine in 1982. With many Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz vines 65-105 years old, they produce complex sensuous reds.11248E Series Chardonnay S'19South Australia\1,980Chardonnay Alc.13.5% 11419E Series Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon S'17A blend of Shiraz 71% and Cabernet Sauvignon 29%, it is an early drinking medium-bodied red, made with a touch of old American oak. Deep purple in the glass, aromas of plum, cherry and vanilla on the nose and palate. Medium-bodied and crisp, with tannins showing on the nish.\1,980South AustraliaShiraz71%/Cabernet Sauvignon29% Alc.14.4%

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