-23-Australia※Details for all of our wines are available on our homepage. www.village-cellars.co.jp※Annotations: Vint. = Vintage Change, Name = Name Change, ¥↑ = Price raised, ¥↓=Price resuced, RS=Residual Sugar.10324Olive Grove Chardonnay S'16A lovely modern style, showing great balance between crisp, savoury fruit and subtle integrated oak. The bouquet displays nectarine, Granny Smith, vanilla, spice and mildly roasted nuts, the palate has an initial hit of creaminess, with stone fruit and white owers.\2,200McLaren Vale & Adelaide Hills, S.A.Chardonnay100% Alc.13.4% 10217Lucky Lizard Chardonnay S'15A ourishing bouquet with ashes of pineapple, pear drop, honey suckle, raw cashew and a hint of seaspray. In its youth there is a reasonable volume of fruit, although the palate still manages to appear taut with a sorbet like freshness to the acidity.\2,980Adelaide Hills, S.A.Chardonnay100% Alc.12.7% 10052High Trellis Cabernet S'13Loaded with classic Cabernet Sauvignon characters of cassis, plums, cedar, red capsicum and violets. Despite the depth and complexity of the fruit, the plate remains true to form, providing a sleek mouthfeel framed by a long line of fine, chalky tannins. Powerful, aromatic, persistent and charming.\2,500McLaren Vale, S.A.Cabernet Sauvignon100% Alc.14.2% 10458d'Arrys Original Shiraz Grenache S'14Shiraz 50%, Grenache 50%. A lifted bouquet full of mixed fruit and baking spices, complemented by fresh leather and sandalwood notes. The palate is surprisingly elegant, with a wonderful balance between acid and fruit sweetness, and beautifully integrated tannins.\2,500McLaren Vale, S.A.Shiraz50%/ Grenache50% Alc.14.5% Vint.10457Footbolt Shiraz S'15Aromas of boysenberry pie, freshly picked mulberries and blackberries, and liquorice. Generous and rich in texture, the tannins are woven into the juicy fruit to provide a pleasant chewiness and structural backbone to the mouthfeel.\2,500McLaren Vale, S.A.Shiraz100% Alc.14.5% Vint.10503Custodian Grenache S'14McLaren Vale, S.A.\2,500Grenache100% Alc.14.4% Vint.9991Feral Fox Pinot Noir S'13A deep, dark, dense and enticing nose filled with bracken, mushroom, Satsuma plum and cherry stone. The palate is young and structured, cautiously revealing dark fruits, red berry, boot polish and stalk. A structured Pinot with beautiful dark fruit, it is built to last with ample tannins and rm acid.\3,200Adelaide Hills, S.A.Pinot Noir100% Alc.14.3% 10140Galvo Garage Cabernet Blend S'11Primary characters of cassis, tomato leaf and red capsicum, with notes of forest floor, black olive, fresh leather and mixed spice. The mouthfeel is sleek, with balanced fruit and tannins that purr from one end of the palate to the other.\3,250McLaren Vale, S.A.Cabernet Sauvignon76%/ Petit Verdot15%/ Merlot5%/ Cabernet Franc4% Alc.14.3% 10387Laughing Magpie Shiraz Viognier S'12Dark brooding fruit on the nose together with earth, spice and dried herbs. The palate is round and luscious with an attractive black olive and sage character persistent throughout, fantastic fruit weight, with great supporting tannins and balanced acidity.\3,500McLaren Vale, S.A.Shiraz93%/ Viognier7% Alc.14.4% 9988Cenosilicaphobic Cat Sagrantino Cinsault S'10Sagrantino (85%) Cinsault (15%). A great wine from a great vintage. Aromas of red fruit, cherries and baked rhubarb, with mulberry, chocolate and liquorice notes. The Cinsault adds a lavender lift. The palate is quite dry, with mouth-puckering acidity and minerality, eshy fruit and chewy tannins.\3,250McLaren Vale, S.A.Sagrantino85%/ Cinsault15% Alc.14.3% 10469Dead Arm Shiraz S'14Highly aromatic while young, the nose is dominated by an array of perfectly ripe berry fruits and spicy notes. The palate shows restrained fruit weight but great depth of flavour and wonderful brightness, with lively tannins drawing fruit flavour along with them.\6,500McLaren Vale, S.A.Shiraz100% Alc.14.4% Vint.9920Noble Mud Pie (375ml) S'15Wonderfully rich and complex. The nose of dried apricots leads into a palate equally dominated by exorbitant apricot notes, with complexing flavours of ginger bread, tinned pineapple, honey, cinnamon and cumquat. The weight of the unrivalled palate is neatly checked by the crisp acid backbone.\2,300Adelaide Hills, S.A.Viognier95%/ Arneis5% Alc.11.1% RS 185g/L10389Noble Wrinkled Riesling (375ml) S'16Almost a 50/50 blend of McLaren Vale and Adelaide Hills Riesling, it is clean, concentrated and refreshing. The nose is lifted with an abundance of honey and citrus notes and the palate is full of lemon pie, honey dew and quince paste avours.\2,300McLaren Vale & Adelaide Hills, S.A.Riesling100% Alc.9.5% RS 253.3g/L

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