Greetings ContentsWine List by Grape VarietyOther SizesSparkling Desserts and Fortied WineWhite Rose RedP.12P.12P.12P.12-15P.15P.15-19Wine List by WineryDreamtime PassAustraliaNew Zealand California Oregon Argentina ChileP.11P.20-37P.37-46P.46-51P.52-56P.56-57P.57-60Thank you as always for your continuing support.This autumn our “Winemaker Interview” is with Sarah Crowe, winemaker at Yarra Yering, who visited Japan for the rst time in June. She was our guest at this yearʼs Village Cellars Open Cellar in Himi, where she took time to share numerous stories covering her career to date, and the challenges she took on at Yarra Yering. The key challenge for Sarah at Yarra Yering was how to evolve the brand following in the footsteps of its founder Dr. Bailey Carrodus who passed away in 2008. Pioneer of the revival of Yarra Valley, Bailey was legendary both for his iconic wines and idiosyncratic personality, so Sarahʼs tackling of the generational change and growing the brand at Yarra Yering has attracted the attention of the whole Australian wine industry.Under Sarahʼs guidance Yarra Yeringʼs star is rising. The many people in Japan who met Sarah were struck by her down-to-earth personality, and mix of creative boldness and precision in the winery, a grounded yet fascinating combination that shines through in her wines. We are really looking forward to her future vintages at Yarra Yering.Glazmataz, Village Cellarsʼ patent pending wine glass rack which was developed specically to safely ship, carry and store wine glasses, is now available in two sizes, S and L. In addition to now shipping standard with all Plumm crystal wine glasses (2 glasses per unit), it is also available in a custom gift box that can be packed in a variety of combinations such as a Glazmataz unit with one Plumm crystal wine glass and one bottle of wine, or two bottles of wine. Glazmataz units can be connected to form larger racks as required, and conveniently stack to optimize storage in a small footprint. Used vertically they are a glass wash and store rack, used horizontally they are a wine rack.Back in 2011, Village Cellars applied to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to add Argon gas to the list of approved food additives in Japan. It was the beginning of a long journey that involved the assistance of many experts to submit the required reports and documentation, and was nally approved by the Ministryʼs expert committee this summer. In the future, when sales of Argon gas in Japan begin (likely to be Spring 2019), it will be possible to enjoy the full avour of a wine even after has been opened a few weeks if Argon is used to inhibit oxidation.Village Cellars-2-

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