-2-GreetingsContentsWine List by Grape VarietySparkling & ChampagneWhite Rose RedDesserts and Fortied WineP.12P.12-15P.15P.15-19P.19Wine List by WineryDreamtime PassAustraliaNew Zealand California Oregon Argentina ChileChampagneP.11P.20-35P.35-43P.43-47P.48-52P.52-53P.53-55P.56Thank you for your ongoing support.During the Rugby World Cup being hosted in Japan this autumn, we will have visits from wine producers at Elderton in the Barossa Valley, South Australia, and Lawson’s Dry Hills in Marlborough, New Zealand. Champagne de Venoge will also be in Japan at the same time, so to make the most of their company we will hold a large tasting event to introduce over 100 dierent Village Cellars wines on Thursday, September 26, in Tamachi, Tokyo. It is a great opportunity to meet the wine producers and taste a wide range of premium wines.In our wine producer interview this issue, we talked with Cameron Ashmead, Co-Managing Director of Elderton Wines with his brother Allister. Elderton has some of the oldest vineyards in the Barossa Valley, its Command Vineyard is 128 years old, and makes some of Barossa’s most outstanding wines. Cameron’s talk links the past, present and future prospects of Elderton and the Barossa.In December 2018 we began working with Champagne de Venoge, a Champagne Maison that has been deeply involved in establishing and evolving the business model for Champagne, drawing on a rich heritage in Epernay, and as a supplier to European royalty and society. Our story looks at milestones in their history of innovation, showing how the inspiration for their cuvee names and bottle design is nearly as old as the Maison itself, which was established in 1837.Leeuwin Estate comes to Japan every autumn to introduce their new vintage, but this year due to various circumstances such as the Rugby World Cup they won’t visit, and instead will visit Japan at an opportune time in 2020. We have received the newly released vintage of Art Series Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon wines, and introduce the vintage change from 2014 to 2015.With ocial approval to import Argon conrmed, a project which Village Villages has been working on for many years, we launched the sale of ‘Argon winesave Pro’ on July 18th (in celebration of Argon’s atomic number 18 on the periodic table). Argon winesave Pro is highly valued by wine lovers for its ability to prevent oxidation in open bottles. This deepens the enjoyment of wine by enabling you to have several bottles open at the same time, enjoying them over a few weeks in perfect condition.Village Cellars

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