-2-GreetingsContentsWine List by Grape VarietySparkling & ChampagneWhite Rose RedDesserts and Fortied WineP.12P.12-15P.15P.15-19P.19Wine List by WineryDreamtime PassAustraliaNew Zealand California Oregon Argentina ChileChampagneP.11P.20-37P.37-45P.45-50P.51-55P.56-57P.57-59P.60Thank you as always for your continued support.In our rst issue for 2019, in our Winemaker interview we talked with Dave Guy, Chief Winemaker and Viticulturalist at The Hess Collection in Napa Valley, California, who has been involved with the Californian wine industry all his working life, including the last 20 years at Hess. Moving our focus to Oregon, we have a report on The Eyrie Vineyard by wine writer Mr. Yoshiji Sato, who spent a month during the 2018 vintage harvest in the vineyards and winery at Eyrie. His insights on how the original pioneer winery in Oregon founded by David Lett has been seamlessly passed on to his son Jason makes for a colourful story.As part of a new JSA Sommelier Scholarship run under the auspices of the Japan Sommelier Association, starting this year young Japanese sommeliers will have the opportunity to experience in person the premium quality and characteristics of Australian wines through the newly-established “Leeuwin Estate the Art of Fine Wine Prize.” Timed to coincide with the Leeuwin Estate concert held each spring (autumn in Australia), the winners will undertake local training tours in Margaret River, Western Australia, and neighbouring producers. It will provide young sommeliers with the opportunity to learn more about the technical aspects of winemaking to give those responsible for the future of the wine market a better understanding of Australia and its local wine culture.And we are pleased to report that we can nally conclude the story of “Argon’s successful designation as a food additive” which began rstly with Village Cellar’s inquiries to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in 2011, and which set us on the road to a long and sometimes weary application process* which we can happily say ended when the application was nally accepted by the MHLW on June 1, 2018. After due deliberations involving a number of extra steps, the nal deadline for the submission of comments by the public closed on February 8 this year, eectively bringing the approval process to an end. Along the way, not only Village Cellars, but also the relevant authorities at the MHLW, including experts in various food and drug safety elds, have been required to dene the safety of Argon (which also happens to comprise about 1% of the air we breathe) and to put in place standards for its production and use in relation to food. As no comments or objections have been lodged, the new regulations, promulgations and notices of standards were eectively nalized, and it should be possible to use Argon as a legal food additive by the time this catalogue arrives. For people who have used Argon for preserving wine overseas, and who would like to use it in Japan too, this should come as welcome news. * For more details please see our website.Village Cellars

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