-2-GreetingsContentsWine List by Grape VarietyCider & Natural WaterSparkling & ChampagneWhite Rose RedDesserts and Fortied WineP.13 / P21P.14P.14-17P.17P.17-21P.21Wine List by WineryDreamtime PassAustraliaNew Zealand California Oregon Argentina ChileChampagneP.13P.22-36P.37-45P.46-51P.51-55P.56-57P.57-59P.59-60Thank you for your ongoing support.After a time when everything seemed to stop, the economy is nally starting to come to life again, though in recent days the COVID-19 virus is becoming more active along with the movement of people. Normal daily life has been thrown for a loop, but I hope the enjoyment of wine will help provide you with a little peace of mind.In this issue, we talked with two very dierent wineries in the State of Victoria. The Pizzini family emigrated from Italy to Australia in the 1950s and settled in the King Valley in north-eastern Victoria nearly 60 years ago. Today, they are a leading producer of Italian style wines in Australia. In contrast, Curly Flat in the Macedon Ranges, was set up by Phillip Moraghan who was fascinated by Burgundian wines, and searched throughout Australian for the perfect cool climate to make his own Pinot Noir. Today, Curly Flat is one of Australia’s leading makers of Pinot Noir. We talked with winemaker, Matt Harrop, who took over from Phillip in 2017.Leeuwin Estate have visited Japan every year for over 30 years. But that was not possible this year, we were unable to hold a tasting seminar with chief winemaker Tim Lovett planned for June, and instead, we hosted an online tasting seminar connecting Tim in Margaret River with two leading young sommeliers in Tokyo, and created a video of the event. This includes a tasting of Art Series Cabernet Sauvignon and Art Series Chardonnay from two vintages that are 10 years apart. Please enjoy a glass or two while watching the video.A few years ago, when Egon Muller of Moselle released his ‘Kanta’ Riesling in Adelaide Hills, he said that in Australia the character of the terroir is so distinct you could almost make your wines without having to be there. The winemakers we talked to this time agreed a good wine is ‘an expression of the place (terroir)’. The role of the winemaker, together with the owner and the viticulturalist, is to analyse the unique personality of the vineyard, and develop and maintain the ‘the distinctive characters’ that are commonly recognised as a winery’s style. Our winemakers this time have given us a glimpse of an insider’s view.Village Cellars

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