Greetings ContentsWine List by Grape VarietyOther SizesSparkling & ChampagneDesserts and Fortied WineWhite Rose RedP.10P.10-11P.11P.11-14P.14P.14-18P.19P.20-38P.39-47P.47-52P.52-56P.56-58P.58-61P.61-63Wine List by WineryDreamtime PassAustraliaNew Zealand California Oregon Argentina ChileChampagne Thank you as always for your continuing support.Welcome to the Winter 2017 catalogue. In this issue we continue our series of winemaker interviews by talking with Max and Cristobal Undurraga of Koyle Wines in Colchagua Valley, Chile, and Jerey Grosset, world-renowned Riesling winemaker at Grosset Wines in Clare Valley, South Australia.The Undurraga family has been involved in winemaking in Chile for six generations dating back to 1886, but made a completely fresh start in 2006, searching for the “ideal terroir to make high quality red wines, with the aim of letting the terroir truly express itself.” As a result, they found a location and planted a new vineyard in the Colchagua Valley, which they named Koyle Wines after the local native plant. As a 15-year old Jerey Grosset tasted his rst wine, and decided he wanted to be a winemaker. He was accepted to study viticulture and oenology as soon as he turned 16, and has followed his passion ever since, exploring the roads less travelled with a curiosity and focus that has made him known globally for his outstanding Rieslings. His drive for perfection has seen him champion the label standards for Riesling in Australia, and the introduction of screwcaps for wine worldwide.In June this year Village Cellars supported the rst “Family of Twelve” tasting seminar held in Japan. “The Family of Twelve” is a fraternity of twelve of New Zealandʼs most prestigious and artisanal wineries, founded in 2005 with the aim of nurturing long-term relationships and promoting education on premium New Zealand wines at home and in key international markets. As Village Cellars represents 6 of the “Family of 12” wineries in Japan, we were delighted to support this seminar. We found the presentation by the two winemakers very interesting, deepening our understanding of New Zealand wines. So we created a booklet that includes the seminar and Q&A sessions that followed, in both Japanese and English, and included a copy with this catalogue. You can also read the booklet on-line at this link. ※ http://www.village-cellars.co.jp/pdf/news/170607_F12_seminar.pdfIn 2017 we celebrated the establishment of Village Cellars in 1987 and celebrated 30 years in business. In thinking about our future, it is also necessary to revisit our past, so we created a booklet that reviews 30 years of Village Cellars. Little by little, we are distributing it to people who are interested. Village Cellars-2-

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