-2-GreetingsContentsWine List by Grape VarietyP.20/ P.53P.13P.13-16P.16P.16-20P.20Wine List by WineryAustraliaNew Zealand California Oregon Argentina ChileChampagneP.21-35P.36-45P.45-50P.50-54P.54-55P.56-57P.58-59Cider & Natural WaterSparkling & ChampagneWhite Rose RedDesserts and Fortied WineThank you for your continued support.The days of COVID-19 and the wreckage it has caused have been hard to live through, but I hope you all share the optimism that the worst is behind us. This issue, we introduce Johan Vineyards, a small winery in Van Duzer Corridor AVA, in Oregon. At Johan, both the owner and winemaker Morgan Beck are committed to optimizing and expressing the unique character and potential of their special site in the diverse wines they produce.In December 2020, the Government of Western Australia hosted an online tasting seminar connecting Frankland Estate in Great Southern and Picardy in Pemberton, with participants throughout Japan, and we share a summary of the seminar with you. At both featured wineries, the second generation took over from parents who were fascinated by wine and established their respective wineries, and they continue to learn to understand and harness the potential of their vineyards. It shows us that dedicated eort and long-term focus are indispensable to producing good quality wine, even in a land blessed with excellent climate and soil. Check out the Village Cellars YouTube channel for an edited video of the seminar. Mr. Yoshiji Sato, a wine writer, is another person who nally poured his love of wine into making his own wine. He shares his story about making his rst wine, ‘Cuvée Guardian Pinot Noir 2018’, in Oregon. In addition, Mr. Taku Iguro, a sommelier who frequently features in this catalogue, has shared with us a relaxed tasting of ‘4 Californian Cabs’, beautifully comparing and expressing the individuality of each wine.Normally, only one wine and one vintage are listed in the catalogue, but this time we are introducing multiple vintages for some wines. We hope that you will enjoy not only the dierence in the harvest year, but also the dierence over the years.Village Cellars

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