Wine List by Grape Variety※Details for all of our wines are available on our homepage. www.village-cellars.co.jp  Annotations: Vint. = Vintage Change, Name = Name Change, ¥↑ = Price raised, ¥↓ = Price reduced.-19-SHIRAZ (SYRAH), GRENACHE & BLENDS(Continued)11419Elderton E Series Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon S'17AUSSouth Australia\1,980Vint.11414Yering Station Little Yering Shiraz S'17AUSYarra Valley, Vic.\2,18010999Annie's Lane Shiraz S'17AUSClare Valley, S.A.\2,40010980Mt.Langi Ghiran Billi Billi Shiraz S'16AUSVictoria\2,45011230d'Arenberg Custodian Grenache S'16AUSMcLaren Vale, S.A.\2,50011396d'Arenberg d'Arry's Original Grenache Shiraz S'17AUSMcLaren Vale, S.A.\2,50011157d'Arenberg Footbolt Shiraz S'17AUSMcLaren Vale, S.A.\2,50011238Teusner Joshua S'19AUSBarossa Valley, S.A.\2,50011342Teusner Riebke Shiraz S'18AUSBarossa Valley, S.A.\2,65011406Tahbilk Shiraz S'17AUSNagambie Lakes, Vic.\2,80011445Leeuwin Estate Siblings Shiraz S'18AUSMargaret River, W.A.\3,200Vint.11316Yering Station Village Shiraz S'16AUSYarra Valley, Vic.\3,20011231d'Arenberg Derelict Grenache S'18AUSMcLaren Vale, S.A.\3,25010509Mt.Langi Ghiran Cli Edge Shiraz S'15AUSGrampians, Vic.\3,35010936Pierro Fire Gully Shiraz S'14AUSMargaret River, W.A.\3,35011303Frankland Estate Shiraz S'17AUSFrankland River, W.A.\3,40011398d'Arenberg Laughing Magpie Shiraz Viognier S'15AUSMcLaren Vale, S.A.\3,50011298Elderton Barossa Shiraz S'17AUSBarossa, S.A.\3,50011106Teusner Avatar S'16AUSBarossa Valley, S.A.\3,50011418Bowen Estate Coonawarra Shiraz S'18AUSCoonawarra, S.A.\4,000Vint./\↓11315Voyager Estate Shiraz S'16AUSMargaret River, W.A.\4,00011074Picardy Shiraz '15AUSPemberton, W.A.\4,20011237Teusner Albert Shiraz S'17AUSBarossa Valley, S.A.\4,50011444Leeuwin Estate Art Series Shiraz S'17AUSMargaret River, W.A.\4,600Vint.10966d'Arenberg Dead Arm Shiraz S'16AUSMcLaren Vale, S.A.\6,50011077Yarra Yering Dry Red No.2 '15AUSYarra Valley, Vic.\9,80011078Yarra Yering Underhill Shiraz '15AUSYarra Valley, Vic.\9,8009263Elderton Command Single Vineyard Shiraz S'10AUSBarossa, S.A.\11,10011247Trinity Hill Hawkes Bay Syrah S'18NZHawkes Bay\3,00011366Trinity Hill Gimblett Gravels Syrah S'18NZHawkes Bay\4,80010619Ryder Estate Syrah '16USCentral Coast, CA\1,90011145Terre Rouge Syrah Les Cotes de l'Ouest '14USCalifornia\3,80011461County Line Vineyards Syrah '17USSonoma Coast, CA\4,500New10475Francis Tannahill Sundown Red Wine '13USOregon\5,20011195Terre Rouge L'Autre '11USSierra Foothills, CA\5,20010609Terre Rouge Syrah Sentinel Oak Vineyard '11USShenandoah Valley, CA\6,80011169Koyle Cuvee Los Lingues Syrah '16CHLColchagua Valley\1,80010204Koyle Royale Syrah '14CHLColchagua Valley\3,000Vint.9701Matetic Corralillo Syrah '13CHLSan Antonio Valley\3,20010696Matetic EQ Syrah '14CHLSan Antonio Valley\4,800CABERNET SAUVIGNON, MERLOT & BLENDS11323Dreamtime Pass Cabernet Sauvignon S'19AUSSouth Eastern Australia\1,35011324Dreamtime Pass Food Pairing Series Cabernet Sauvignon S'19AUSSouth Eastern Australia\1,35011325Dreamtime Pass Kangaroo Label Cabernet Sauvignon S'19AUSSouth Eastern Australia\1,35011340Dreamtime Pass Kangaroo Label Merlot '18AUSSouth Eastern Australia\1,35011339Dreamtime Pass Merlot '18AUSSouth Eastern Australia\1,35011292Angus The Bull Cabernet Sauvignon (375ml) S'17AUSCentral Victoria, Vic.\1,45010821Mike Press Cabernet Sauvignon S'16AUSAdelaide Hills, S.A.\1,80011184Mike Press Merlot S'17AUSAdelaide Hills, S.A.\1,80011447Moss Wood Amy's (375ml) S'18AUSMargaret River, W.A.\1,950Vint.11124Frankland Estate Rocky Gully Cabernets S'17AUSFrankland River, W.A.\2,35011436Angus The Bull Cabernet Sauvignon S'18AUSCentral Victoria, Vic.\2,500Vint.11397d'Arenberg High Trellis Cabernet Sauvignon S'17AUSMcLaren Vale, S.A.\2,50011341Teusner Gentleman Cabernet Sauvignon S'18AUSBarossa, S.A.\2,50010988Pierro Fire Gully Cabernets Merlot S'16AUSMargaret River, W.A.\2,80010937Tahbilk Cabernet Sauvignon S'16AUSNagambie Lakes, Vic.\2,80010996Voyager Estate Girt By Sea Cabernet Merlot S'14AUSMargaret River, W.A.\3,00011122Frankland Estate Cabernet Sauvignon S'17AUSFrankland River, W.A.\3,40011299Elderton Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon S'17AUSBarossa, S.A.\3,50011119Elderton Barossa Merlot S'18AUSBarossa Valley, S.A.\3,500

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