-12-Prices do not include Consumption Tax. RRP= Recommended Retail Price.Wine import and salesFocusing on family-owned wineries Connecting winemakersand drinkers In-house wine aging in our constant temperature warehouseAging: Complete in-house management from inspection to deliveryImport and sales of Argon winesave ProJapan’s rst antioxidant gas approved for use with foodPlumm crystal glass import and saleBrings out the individuality of a wineFunctional and elegantPlumm glass rental serviceSmart support for your hospitality needsGlazmatazDevelopment and salesNew concept glass rack prevents glass breakage*In this corner we’ll share information from Village Cellars in Himi, Toyama, which is home to our headquarters and cellar.Toyama Notes: Creating New Value in Wine at Village CellarsVillage Cellars was established as a wine import and sales company in 1987, and we celebrated our 33rd anniversary this August. Sensing market interest in delicious, aordable wines that weren’t readily available at that time, we started importing Australian wine, which was almost ‘unknown’. We later expanded our range to include wines from New Zealand, North and South America, and Champagne.Soon after our establishment we realized that while Old World wines were available in several vintages, vintage New World wines were dicult to source. So we started a ‘long-term ageing program’ with the aim of showing the optimum quality of our wines, importing and ageing them in our own constant temperature cellar for up to 10 years and longer. Every year, we introduce these aged wines to the market when we decide they are at their drinking prime. Moving forward, to expand the enjoyment of tasting aged wines a little at a time we looked into the use of Argon in Japan, an antioxidant gas for foods that is widely used in food processing overseas. This ‘idea’ took 8 years to complete the paperwork to gain ocial government approval, allowing users to open a bottle and enjoy a wine over several nights.“Glass matters” is a phrase that brings to life the idea that “a good glass is important to the enjoyment of wine”. To ensure our wines taste better, we started importing and selling Plumm, a crystal wine glass made in Slovenia by an Australian wine company, and also started the Plumm Rental Glass service. To make the handling of glasses easier we then developed ‘Glazmataz’, a new concept in glass racks that protects delicate handmade glass from damage and chipping. Glazmataz received a Good Design Award in 2018 and was patented in Japan in February 2020.In this way, Village Cellars has been working for 33 years under the motto “meeting the needs of the market and responding one-on-one” to further the enjoyment of wine for our customers.Looking to the future, we will continue working to create new value so you can enjoy wine more freely and easily.In recent years we have expanded opportunities to meet people working in kitchens through ‘Glazmataz’, the glass rack we developed in-house, and interviews with specialist magazines in the gas and food processing industries since we started handling Argon winesave Pro. We thought it was timely to provide an overview of all our activities for new members, long-time members, and for ourselves.User-friendly Glazmataz’s patented exible material and shape protect delicate premium glasses by absorbing the impact of dropping and vibration. Units can be connected for use in commercial washers and easy stacking, saving on labour and space, providing cost savings and enhancing safety to solve on-site glass-handling problems.‘Reduce glass damage’ with a new concept in glass racksGlazmataz development & salesOur Plumm crystal glass rental service lightens the load of being a host, delivering premium handmade glasses to meet your hospitality needs, and collecting them after you have nished, with no need to clean before or after use. Viewing and ordering is easy using a dedicated smartphone app, with a wide range of glasses for functions from an intimate dinner-party to large exhibitions and wine tastings. In the Tokyo area, glasses are delivered in stackable Glazmataz racks by our Plumm truck.Easy ‘No on-site cleaning’ supports hospitalityPlumm crystal glass rental servicePlumm RentalCrystal glass inPlumm crystal glasses are the world’s rst glasses created from long-term research and study by winemakers and experts in response to the demand from the industry for excellent functionality. They are made from lead-free, premium crystal that is both environmentally and physically friendly. The elegant form and excellent functionally expresses the diverse personalities of wines, enhancing the quality of wine life.‘Created by winemakers’ to bring out the individuality of a winePlumm crystal glass import & salesCreating a consistent system from purchase, import, inspection, storage through to shipment to the customer. We deliver selections of individual wines direct to our customers. Most of the over 100 wineries we work with are small, family-run businesses, and part of our mission is to share deeper knowledge on these winemakers and regions.Countries of origin: Australia, New Zealand, US (Oregon, California), Chile, Argentina, France (Champagne)Consistent system connecting winemaker and drinkerWine import and sales← www.village-cellars.co.jpWe import premium wines on release and set aside and age a portion of each vintage in our in-house constant temperature warehouse (Himi City, Toyama Prefecture) to enjoy at their optimum quality. From inspecting, monitoring and ageing, to warehouse management, packing and shipping, all this specialist work is carried out by our sta.Delivering optimum quality premium winesIn-house aging in our constant temperature warehouseEnabling the use of Argon gas started with applying for ocial approval for domestic use.We are the rst in Japan to import small cans of Argon winesave Pro, a tasteless, odourless and completely harmless argon gas which is a component of the air we breathe. It prevents oxidation of open bottles of wine and sake, as well as cooking oil and soy sauce, keeping them fresh and delicious to enjoy over time.‘First in Japan’ Enhancing wine storage and reducing food wasteArgon winesave Pro import & salesArgon winesave

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