-12-Glazmataz S-1 (Green):#GM101 ‒ for 2 small glasses ¥1,900#GM103 ‒ for 25 small glasses for commercial use* ¥19,800Glazmataz L-1 (Grey): # GM102 - for 2 large glasses ¥2,200# GM104 - for 16 large glasses for commercial use* ¥16,600*W500mm x D500mmPlumm Rental crystal glasses in GlazmatazPlumm crystal glassPamphletPlumm Crystal Glass BrochurePlumm Crystal Glass in Glazmataz Price List & Gift Box InformationArgon winesave Pro✔ Easy: Just spray (1 second or less)□✔ Safe: Inert and harmless 100% Argon□✔ Reduce food waste: It can also be used with oil and sake□The smart new way to prevent oxidationKeep open bottles of wine in perfect condition for an extended time.Argon winesave ProWhen using, be sure to read the usage instructions on the outer box.#284 Argon winesave Pro ¥3,500Choosing a wonderful wine made by a gifted winemaker, delicious food to complement the charms of the wine, and a wonderful companion to enjoy them together makes for a great experience! However, there is an easy change that can make your enjoyment even more special. Because how a wine reveals itself changes with the glass you drink it from, to fully enjoy the true taste of a wine choosing the right glass is essential. To enjoy wines to the fullest the easy way, let us introduce “Plumm Rental”, Village Cellars’ crystal glass rental service.Plumm RentalLaunched in 2016, ‘Plumm Rental’ delivers freshly cleaned and polished glasses to your door ready to use on the day and time you need them. When you are finished, you simply return the glasses as they are, without having to wash them. This service has become very popular because it is so convenient and affordable. And to make it even easier to use, from January 2020 you can simply estimate and place orders on your smartphone. Select the desired glass, fill in your details such as quantity, date of use, and postal code, and get an estimate on the spot. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us.Crystal glassAll Plumm Rental glasses are Plumm crystal glasses. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Plumm glasses are made from crystal glass developed and manufactured in Europe by Joval Family Wines, a wine producer. Plumm is ‘the world’s first wine glass made by wine producers’, people who are truly passionate about wine. Village Cellars began selling Plumm Crystal Glass in 2015 as the sole agent in Japan. In addition to their standard glasses, the Plumm line-up includes a variety of premium handmade glasses and decanters with beautiful forms.Glasses delivered in GlazmatazAt Plumm Rental, all glasses are delivered in “Glazmataz”. Glazmataz is a new concept in wine glass racks developed by Village Cellars. In the past, high-end handmade glasses had to be washed by hand, mainly because conventional cleaning racks are hard and thin, and delicate glasses are pushed around and damaged by the water flow in dishwashers. We also faced the problem when we started the glass rental business of the thin stem on handmade glasses hitting the rack and breaking due to vibration during transportation.Because Glazmataz’s highly elastic material and special shape absorb the impact on the glass, washing, carrying and storing delicate glasses in Glazmataz dramatically reduces the breakage rate.There are two size of Glazmataz, S for small glasses (colour: green) and L for large glasses (colour: grey). The minimum unit for both (1 unit) holds 2 glasses. By assembling, connecting and stacking extra units as required, you can efficiently use available space to safely store glasses.Gift box: Plumm Crystal Glasses in GlazmatazPlumm Crystal Glasses in Glazmataz make wonderful gifts for wine lovers. To make gifting easier, we created two special gift boxes to hold Plumm Crystal Glasses in Glazmataz S and L sizes. In addition, there are also S and L size Glazmataz gift boxes to hold a Plumm glass and a bottle of wine in a Glazmataz rack.If you want to open and enjoy a delicious wine over a few days, it is important to stop the wine from oxidizing. Back in 2012, Village Cellars began working on an application to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to officially allow the use of argon gas, which is highly effective in preventing food oxidation, in Japan.In June 2018, our application was finally accepted, and in June 2019 it was announced that argon would be officially recognized as a safe food additive. Since then, we have become the sole agent in Japan for the antioxidant gas ‘winesave’, importing and selling “’Argon winesave Pro’. Argon winesave Pro allows you take a different approach to enjoying fine wines. Instead of just drinking one bottle of wine between a small group, you can now open several wines at the same time, spray a touch of argon in the open bottles, recap them and keep them in the fridge for 2-3 weeks.

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