Wine List by Grape VarietyAll wines are 750ml unless otherwise specied. Prices do not include Consumption Tax.“S”before the vintage signies Screw Cap. RRP= Recommended Retail Price.-12-Wine List by Grape VarietyOTHER SIZES -SPARKLING -4112Yellowglen Yellow Piccolos (200ml) S'NVAUSSouth Eastern Australia\5004111Yellowglen Pink Piccolos (200ml) S'NVAUSSouth Eastern Australia\500OTHER SIZES -STILL-10795Mt.Langi Ghiran Billi Billi Shiraz (375ml) S'15AUSVictoria\1,250Vint.10460Angus The Bull Cabernet Sauvignon (375ml) S'15AUSCentral Victoria, Vic.\1,45010669Moss Wood Amy's (375ml) S'17AUSMargaret River, W.A.\1,95010524Ata Rangi Crimson Pinot Noir (375ml) S'16NZMartinborough\2,18010624A to Z Pinot Noir (1500ml) '15USOregon\8,4009699Matetic Corralillo Sauvignon Blanc (375ml) S'14CHLSan Antonio Valley\1,0009700Matetic Corralillo Pinot Noir (375ml) S'13CHLSan Antonio Valley\2,000SPARKLING -WHITE-9347Yellowglen White Sweet Moscato NVAUSSouth Eastern Australia\1,5503013Yellowglen Yellow Brut Cuvee NVAUSSouth Eastern Australia\1,5509874Dreamtime Pass Kangaroo Label Sparkling White NVAUSSouth Eastern Australia\1,6003147Dreamtime Pass Sparkling White NVAUSSouth Eastern Australia\1,60010589Yellowglen Pinot Noir/Chardonnay Botanics Series '16AUSSouth Eastern Australia\1,85010721Yellowglen Prosecco Botanics Series '17AUSSouth Eastern Australia\1,8508872Devil's Corner Sparkling NVAUSTamar Valley, Tas.\3,5006362Ninth Island Sparkling NVAUSPipers River, Tas.\3,50010579Leeuwin Estate Brut '14AUSMargaret River, W.A.\4,650Vint.10333Pipers Brook Kreglinger Brut '07AUSTasmania\6,00010332Pipers Brook Kreglinger Brut de Blancs '04AUSTasmania\6,0007719Manseld & Marsh Methode Traditionnelle NVNZHawkes Bay\2,6507720Mimi Methode Traditionnelle NVNZHawkes Bay\2,65010700Koyama Methode Traditionnelle Riesling Sparkling Brut NVNZWaipara Valley, North Canterbury\5,0003995NO 1 Family Est. Cuvee No.1 NVNZMarlborough\5,300SPARKLING -ROSE-3880Yellowglen Pink Soft Rose NVAUSSouth Eastern Australia\1,55010590Yellowglen Pink Moscato Botanics Series '17AUSSouth Eastern Australia\1,85010334Pipers Brook Kreglinger Brut Rose '06AUSTasmania\6,0008990Mimi Pink Sparkling NVNZHawkes Bay\2,65010595A to Z Rose Bubbles (Crown cap) '16USOregon\3,00010748Johan Vineyards Petillant Naturel Pinot Noir (Crown cap) '16USWillamette Valley, Oregon\4,200Vint./\↓10084J.K. Carriere Blanc de Noir Sparkling '11USWillamette Valley, Oregon\15,000SPARKLING -RED-2630Yellowglen Red Sparkling Red NVAUSSouth Eastern Australia\1,5509875Dreamtime Pass Kangaroo Label Sparkling Red(Shiraz) NVAUSSouth Eastern Australia\2,0003148Dreamtime Pass Sparkling Red(Shiraz) NVAUSSouth Eastern Australia\2,00010697d'Arenberg The Peppermint Paddock Sparkling Red (Crown cap) NVAUSMcLaren Vale, S.A.\3,800DESSERT & FORTIFIED WINE7116Chambers Rosewood Vineyards Rutherglen Muscat (375ml) S'NVAUSRutherglen, Vic.\2,30010668d'Arenberg Noble Mud Pie (375ml) S'17AUSAdelaide Hills & McLaren Vale, S.A.\2,30010389d'Arenberg Noble Wrinkled Riesling (375ml) S'16AUSMcLaren Vale & Adelaide Hills, S.A.\2,3007261Chambers Rosewood Vineyards Rutherglen Muscat (750ml) S'NVAUSRutherglen, Vic.\3,2807262Chambers Rosewood Vineyards Rutherglen Mt.Carmel S'NVAUSRutherglen, Vic.\3,5009994d'Arenberg Nostalgia Rare Tawny (375ml) S'NVAUSMcLaren Vale, S.A.\3,65010066Pizzini Per Gli Angeli (375ml) S'08AUSNorth East Victoria, Vic.\6,50010364Pegasus Bay ARIA Late Picked Riesling S'14NZWaipara Valley\5,200RIESLING & BLENDS10576d'Arenberg The Stump Jump Riesling S'17AUSMcLaren Vale, S.A.\1,60010796Annie's Lane Riesling S'18AUSClare Valley, S.A.\2,180Vint.10441d'Arenberg Dry Dam Riesling S'17AUSMcLaren Vale & Adelaide Hills, S.A.\2,35010470Frankland Estate Rocky Gully Riesling S'17AUSFrankland River, W.A.\2,35010571Devil's Corner Riesling S'17AUSTasmania\2,50010588Teusner Empress Eden Valley Riesling S'17AUSEden Valley, S.A.\2,50010792Leeuwin Estate Art Series Riesling S'17AUSMargaret River, W.A.\3,200Vint.

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