-12-A new website dedicated to GLAZMATAZ, the new concept glass racks! In addition to introducing Glazmataz features in an easy-to-understand format with lots of visuals, you can easily and securely buy Plumm Crystal Glass in Glazmataz and other products in the online shop. We will continue to enhance content with fresh news and customer feedback. Thank you for your support.No need to wash before or after useOur ‘Plumm Glass Rental’ service is also very popular. The website allows viewing of our extensive range of glassware, then selection, instant online quotations, obligation-free reservation pending conrmation, and on-line payment of the nal selection.We now have two smartphone-friendly websitesThis website was created with the help of a Toyama Prefecture Regional Enterprise Revitalization Support Project subsidy.www.plumm-glass.jpglazmataz.jp\ Opening March 2021! /プラム・グラスレンタル Plumm Glass Rentalグラズマターズ GLAZMATAZグラズマターズ GLAZMATAZグラズマターズ GLAZMATAZグラズマターズ GLAZMATAZ

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