-11-A cider-loving sommelier introduces Three Oaks CiderCider Australiahttp://www.cideraustralia.org.au/industry/australian-cider-map/Three Oaks Cider was founded in 2008 by winemakers in Langhorne Creek in Adelaide Hills, South Australia, a region known for its apples and grapes. Sommelier Kenichi Tsuji writes about his love of cider and the attractions of the Three Oaks Cider, a craft cider made by low temperature, natural fermenting of high-quality apples from an orchard that has been in the same family for 4 generations.A happy encounter this year I still remember the experience while visiting France nearly 25 years ago of drinking cider from a ceramic bowl paired with a ham and eggs galette. At that time, I didn’t drink much alcohol, and my memory is the cider was very gentle and healing. I wanted to drink that cider again, and tried many different types, but they were too acidic, or over-ripe, or I couldn’t find the freshness I remembered.Occasionally when I do find a similar cider, I still find something I’m not happy with like the large bottle size or the value proposition. In addition to French cider, I’ve also tried British cider which is easier to handle because it is in small bottles, and served it in my wine bar for a time, but the quality variations between bottles became too great. For the past few years, my favourite cider is from Toyama Prefecture, so I thought cider doesn’t travel well.But this spring I was introduced to ‘Three Oaks Cider’. Fresh, moderately fruity, pleasantly sharp and dry, in an original single-use size can. I’m captivated! During the Covid stay-at-home period, I enjoyed this cider with various take-out dishes, and when paired with handmade soba with rock salt it reminded me of the combination with the galette, and the pleasure I experienced at that time.Though there is some resistance to wine in cans, Australian wines have been available in cans for quite a while, and their quality is excellent. When Barokes wine in a can first arrived in Japan, I bought several and aged one of them in the fridge. I drank it about five years later, and compared with a new can of wine it tasted even better, which showed me the advantages of wine in a can. However, it is also difficult to connect ‘Australia with cider’. I’ve visited Australia several times, but with beer’s strong hold on the market I was focused on drinking various beers on tap, and only drank cider once. A few years ago while driving from the Gold Coast to the Granite Belt, as the altitude began to gradually rise, I saw a sign for apples. The grower explained, “This is a cool climate area suitable for apples.” When I think about it now, it must have been a cider producing area as well. I’ve heard that Aussies likes cider, but I didn’t realize how popular it is, so I asked the maker of Three Oaks more about it.Kenichi TsujiOwner of Wine Bar Chateau Chinon, in Katamachi, Kanazawa. Lecturer at Wine School Le Salon de Chinon. An accomplished sommelier, he opened his wine bar in Kanazawa in 2008 to promote wine culture in the Hokuriku area, where he is an industry leader.In asking these questions and in my research I found that Australian Cider has a long history and wider drinking culture than I expected. I was planning to go to Australia in July of this year and see for myself. Unfortunately, my trip was cancelled, but next time I’d like to visit cider producers. However, overseas cans are thinner than Japanese ones, and even if you purchase them in Australia, there is a risk that they will explode on an airplane, so I will ask Village Cellars to bring them into Japan. To find out more about Australian Cider, please visit this site. There are also maps of growing regions and videos to help you learn more.◆ Is Adelaide Hills a well-known area for cider production? ―― Yes, it’s the most famous region in Australia ‒ the cool climate is great for growing apples.◆ How many cider producers are there in Adelaide Hills? ―― More than 10.◆ When do you drink cider in Australia? ―― I enjoy it instead of beer. In summer, I also pour it into a glass over ice.◆ Is cider offered on tap at the pub? ―― Yes. We have cider taps as well as beer taps.◆ In Australia, do you drink dry or off-dry cider? ―― Both!◆ When was cider first canned in Australia? ―― I think it was in the 1960s.◆ What do you recommended as a food pairing. ―― I personally recommend a salty, stronger cheese which goes well with the freshness of the cider.◆ When do you harvest cider apples? ―― In autumn, sometimes at the same time grapes.◆ How is cider made? ―― Pressing and brewing is done at our winery in Langhorne Creek. It is fermented with natural yeast and at low temperatures.A.TsujiQ.We grow our own apples!CODE W10798Three Oaks Cider 5% (375ml can)Refreshing drinkability with reduced sweetness. Gluten-free with no added avours or colouringsOrigin: Adelaide Hills, South Australia Variety: Pink Lady, Granny Smith, Red Delicious Alc. 5%Open price / 1 case (30 cans)* Orders are made in units of cases (30 cans)

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