-11-Tasting reportLeeuwin Estate Art Series Tasting ReportWine Kingdom #108 (published December, 2018) Feature: Art Series Chardonnay 1998-2012 vertical tasting.http://www.village-cellars.co.jp/pdf/LeeuwinASCH_verticaltasting wk_No108CODE9378RRP ¥8,750Varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon 86%, Malbec 14% Alc. 13.7%2010: A memorable growing season that was dry and sunny. Aged in barrels for 23 months.Art Series Cabernet Sauvignon 2010(Screw cap)〈A year showing both ripe fruit and elegance.〉 Primary aromas of ripe, rich red and black fruit, with clove and mint notes adding a refreshing note. Moderately juicy structure with good acidity, delicate tannins, and rich fruitiness that lingers. It complements a spicy sauté of juicy red beef, the aromas and avours of the beef are harmoniously balanced by the fruity sweetness and spice of the wine.CODE6691RRP ¥10,800 Varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon 87%, Malbec 10%, Petit Verdot 3%  Alc. 13.7%2003: After a hot December, January was cool, so the fruit matured quickly and was harvested with low sugar levels. Aged in barrel for 9 months.Art Series Cabernet Sauvignon 2003(Cork)〈A vintage showing delicate and elegant fruit.〉 The aromas are introverted and elegant, showing complexity from ageing such as blackberry fruit, with mint, liquorice and iron notes. In the mouth it is elegant with a tight balance, long-lived acid, delicate tannins, and slightly sweet fruitiness with lingering dried fruit and spice avours. A great match with the umami of red ingredients, such as the simple and sophisticated sauté of aged beef in red wine sauce, or a venison dish showing a delicious iron avour.CODE4735RRP ¥12,000 Varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon 86.4%, Malbec 9%, Petit Verdot 4.6%  Alc. 14.0%2001: A growing season with little rain, cool temperatures, and an earlier harvest than usual. Aged in barrels for 15 months.Art Series Cabernet Sauvignon 2001(Cork)〈A vintage tending towards rich fruit and a dry style.〉 Rich aromas, with notes of semi-dried gs and prunes, liquorice, tanned skin and spices. A voluminous and powerful attack with rich tannins, good fruit structure, and acid that contributes to a juicy yet dry balance. Aging has added sweet nuances and textures that enhance the expressiveness, leading to a long nish. It complements lightly cooked beef and lamb, or a slightly sweet, rich sauce such as Madeira.CODE9019RRP ¥12,500 Varietal: Chardonnay 100%  Alc. 13.8%2010: A wonderful growing season with long, warm days and no rain enabling long hang time and mature avours and tannins. Aged in barrels for 10 months.Art Series Chardonnay 2010(Screw cap)〈A vintage that displays both ripe fruit and elegance.〉 The nose is moderately strong, with ripe karin, fresh yellow peach and refreshing lemon nuances, with hints of vanilla and nuts. The palate has a rich and wide-ranging attack, with clear rm acid in the middle, is structured, juicy and dry. A toasty, brioche-like complexity and ripe yellow fruitiness linger. It goes well with dishes that you can enjoy with a contrasting balance of lipids and acids, such as escabeche.CODE6717RRP ¥15,000 Varietal: Chardonnay 100% Alc. 14.8%2005: Conditions varied widely during the growing season, with the fruit showing delicate avours. An outstanding year for white varietals. Art Series Chardonnay 2005(Screw cap)〈A dry, rich, and fruity vintage. 〉 Rich, expansive aromas of apple compote with hints of yellow peach, apricot, cinnamon and a little hazelnut from aging. The palate shows a voluminous attack, with gentle balance and soft acid. The nish is toasty and long, with complexing nuances including straw and acacia honey. It is a rich wine, so combine it with hearty dishes such as spicy roast chicken, or dishes with a grilled lemon butter or light oil sauce.CODE5315RRP¥17,000 Varietal: Chardonnay 100%  Alc. 14.0%2003: Fruit was harvested with low sugar levels, as the avour components matured faster than usual. Aged in barrels for 11.5 months.Art Series Chardonnay 2003(Cork)〈Delicate with elegant fruit. 〉 A slightly introverted and gentle wine, showing com-plex cinnamon, spice and herbal tea nuances. The attack is smooth with a tight texture, salty with fresh acid. Flavours of fallen leaves, straw, champignons, etc. linger for a long time. It complements the avours of lightly oiled dishes and fritters such as white sh meuniere, sprinkled with lemon and served with sautéed mushrooms.For over 25 years Village Cellars has held back and aged Leeuwin Estate Art Series Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon in our climate-controlled cellar, and regularly releases these museum wines. Due to various costs associated with storage, we raise the price of these aged wines little-by-little over the years. We hope you enjoy the special flavours this dedication and patience bring to the wine.Motohiro Okoshi’s Leeuwin Estate Art Series: The Pleasure of Age (Tasted November 2014)Surrounded by the sea on three sides with a warm Mediterranean climate, the key to Margaret River quality is coolness from its proximity to the sea and low rainfall during the growing season which allows ideal slow ripening of the grapes to maturity. In addition, the well-drained soil due to granite in the base layer produces a strong, pure flavour that imparts a minerality, contributing to the rich aroma and brilliance of the wine, expressed in a wonderful balance and fruitiness. The Art Series is a complete wine that benefits from its natural environment, and continues to develop its appeal with the ageing of the vines and the wines.Motohiro Okoshi Wine Taster, Sommelier/owner of An Di and An ComMargaret River Chardonnay’s attractions are in the clear flavours showing yellow fruits, as well as citrus characters while young. With age it develops nuances including honey, mushrooms, caramel, and cafe au lait, adding complexity without compromising its freshness, to create a unique style.ChardonnayCompared to the Bordeaux region, the softness that comes from the full fruit attack is always evident, while retaining the characteristic sweet fruit flavours. However, Margaret River wines always coexist with the fresh elements of nature, and balance these flavours with acidity, and spice and mint nuances. Their expressiveness varies depending on temperature differences of each growing season, and you can enjoy these variations in both the wines on release, and with further age.Cabernet Sauvignon

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