-10-CODE11457RRP ¥12,000Variety: Chardonnay 80% (Les Riceys) Pinot Blanc 20% (Les Riceys) Alc.12.0% A blend of two varieties of Les Riceys wines (average vine age 33 years). 25% barrel fermentation, barrel aging 6 months. Just 1000 bottles produced.de Venoge Coteaux ChampenoisBlancs Shaar Adonay 2018About Shaar Adonay The name ‘Shaar Adonay’, which is Hebrew for the ‘Gate of God’, celebrates the legend of Count Thibaud IV of Champagne, who bought home cuttings of the grapes growing near the gates to Jerusa-lem with him on his return from a Crusade in 1239. It is also said the varietal name ‘Chardonnay’ is a Franco- cation of ‘Shaar Adonay’.Champagne is located about 140km east of Paris, where the cool climate with an average of 1,680 hours of sunshine and porous chalky rock terroir contribute to a unique wine, the undisputed leader in premium sparkling wine in France, and around the world. The ancient Romans first brought viticulture to the Champagne region around the 4th Century. After the discovery of foaming bubbles due to re-fermentation and the birth of cork and glass bottles, Méthode Champenoise became widespread, and established commercially in the 17th century. Until that time, Champagne was famous for producing red wine, and was the favourite wine region of King Henry IV and the French court of that era. As a result, still wines from the region are still called ‘Coteaux Champenois’ today, and have their own AOC (Appellation D’origine Controlee). Today ‘Champagne’ accounts for about 90% of all production in the region, so ‘Coteaux Champenois’ is a very rare wine. There are three types: Rouge, Blanc and Rose, and it is only made in an excellent year like Champagne, with single-year vintages and NV assemblages of different vintages. In the history of Coteaux Champenois, it is said Vin Gris, a white wine made with black grapes was the mainstream, centered on main production areas that are all Grand Cru, including Bouzy Village and Ambonnay Village in Montagne de Reims district which are noted for growing Pinot Noir. In addition, wines from the villages of Mareuil-sur-Ay in the Vallée de la Marne district and Les Riceys in the south of Champagne were said to be among the favourites wines of Louis XIV.In 2018 de Venoge produced its first Coteaux Champenois since 2002, a white and a red. de Venoge’s president Gilles de la Bassetière explains: “Thanks to the good weather and terroir in the La Forêt vineyard in Les Riceys, I was able to obtain grapes in the Champagne region with perfect maturity”. Now that the impact of global warming is becoming clearer, the appeal of Champagne may not be limited to sparkling. The production of Coteaux Champenois throughout the Champagne region seems to be increasing, albeit little by little. For me, the greatest attraction of tasting the Coteaux Champenois is fully feeling the “terroir”.Motohiro Okoshi Sommelier/owner of An Di and An Com in Gaienmae. After retiring as chef-sommelier at Ginza L’ecrin in 2013, Okoshi-san has been active in various wine-related fields, including as a wine journalist and professional wine taster.CODE11458RRP ¥12,000 Variety: 100% Pinot Noir (Les Riceys) Alc.12.0%100% La Forêt single vineyard Pinot Noir (2.5ha) in Les Riceys planted in 1973-1977. 6 months of barrel aging. Just 1000 bottles produced.de Venoge Coteaux ChampenoisRouge La Forêt 2018About La Forêt La Forêt is a single Pinot Noir vineyard (2.5ha) in Les Riceys, with vines nearly 50 years old, located on a very sunny, steep slope. Some of the construction workers during the building of the Palace of Versailles were from Les Riceys, and the red wine they brought with them was one of Louis XIV’s favourites.Indent orders now being accepted.Expected availability March 2021(both Red & White) Mr. Okoshi’s tasting notes Subtle and elegant, showing lemon and min-eral aromas and nuanced complexity. The palate is very dened, with tight texture, elegant structure and fresh acidity. It also has a well-balanced complexity, and clearly expresses the Champagne terroir in a still wine. Mr. Okoshi’s tasting notes Fresh aroma with a condensed nose of red cherry and raspberry, with liquorice and clove nuances. It is characterized by ample fruit and well-balanced structure with bright acid and rm tannins, a taste that combines the individuality of a cool region with the fruit richness.By Motohiro OkoshiA history of Coteaux Champenois AOC and de Venoge’s commitment to the style.With the exception of a red in 2002, de Venoge has not made a Coteaux Champenois since the 1950s, but due to the good weather and excellent quality of grapes in 2018, decided to make vintage white and red wines. When President Gilles de la Bassetière visited Japan in February this year, he promised to get together with his old friend, Chef Thierry Voisin of the Les Saisons restaurant in the Imperial Hotel, and host a dinner in the autumn. At that dinner, in addition to de Venoge Champagne, he released de Venoge 2018 Coteaux Champenois Blanc & Rouge, presented for the first time to the world with a special menu by Thierry Voisin. https://youtu.be/OxKABVRFyAYUsing the QR code on the right, you can see information about each wine and the cellar at de Venoge, and an article about the dinner in ‘Wine Kingdom No. 120’ (published on December 5, 2020).Prices do not include Consumption Tax. RRP= Recommended Retail Price.

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