-10-Seminar report◆ Leeuwin Estate and Margaret River Located about 350km southwest of the state capital of Perth, in Western Australia, Margaret River enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, with 80% of the annual rainfall in winter. Surrounded by the sea, even if temperatures rise in summer, afternoon sea breezes ensure it drops at night. In the mid-1960s, when a white paper on the wine industry pointed out the similarities between Bordeaux and Margaret River, the first vineyards in Margaret River were all planted in Cabernet Sauvignon. Leeuwin Estate was established around the same time, and in addition to Cabernet Sauvignon planted Chardonnay, becoming a pioneer of the varietal in Margaret River. ‘Block 20’, their first Chardonnay vineyard, is now famous in Australia and around the world.◆ Professional winemaker’s workThe land for Leeuwin Estate’s vineyards was carefully selected for its free-draining sandy soils rich in iron which produce very high-quality fruit. For Tim, the winemaker’s job is to retain and express the quality of the fruit in the wine, with vintage variations reflecting the natural changes in weather, as well as the character of the terroir. A professional winemaker’s job is to put it all together, with the whole team including management working together to continuously express the ‘Leeuwin’ character that has been established over years of successive vintages. In this webinar, we gained an insight into how the decisions on fermentation, aging, and use of barrels change depending on the vintage, to better express the ‘Leeuwin character’ rather than the winemaker’s personal preferences.◆ Art Series Cabernet Sauvignon: 2005 & 2015Tim says Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine that expresses vintage variation more than other varietals. High-quality Cabernet Sauvignon requires balance, elegance, good purity, and a mineral feeling that spreads in the mouth. Though the 2005 vintage is acclaimed as one of the best cool vintages, 2015 was also quite cool, and looking at the two vintages 10 years apart, both the core characters associated with Cabernet and the characteristics of each vintage show through. In 2003, Leeuwin Estate made major changes in its Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards, changing the orientation of the shoots to ensure the fruit is fully exposed to the sun, which has significantly changed the ripeness of the fruit. As a result, Leeuwin now harvests its Cabernet two weeks earlier than other producers in northern Margaret River.◆Art Series Chardonnay: 2006 & 2016All Chardonnay fruit is harvested by hand first thing in the morning, delivered to the winery and immediately destemmed. It is then chilled, pressed and soaked on the skins for 8 hours to bring out the full flavours. The fruit shows ample energy and vitality, enabling fermentation in 100% new small Bordeaux barrels, without imparting a strong barrel presence. The 2016 season was preceded by heavy rain in the previous winter (2015) and a mild spring. It was an ideal growing season with no heavy rain or heat waves. On the other hand, 2006 was cool and humid throughout the growing season, and the winemaking took a different approach than normal with partial malolactic fermentation. However, the Art Series Chardonnay characteristics are consistent, and as the wine opens it is similar to tasting the 2016. In addition to the tasting comments, Mr. Iguro and Mr. Yoshida raised many interesting questions, and Tim was happy to say ‘Great question!!’. Topics included:・How to ‘replant’ vineyards・Why Leeuwin use Bordeaux oak barrels instead of Burgundy barrels・The Gingin Chardonnay clone and Houghton Cabernet Sauvignon clone**・Eucalyptus aromas in Australian Cabernet Sauvignon*** ・Screw cap concept etc. For details, please watch the videos below. You can view individual sections by selecting a topic title (one section is approx. 5-7 minutes).Leeuwin Estate in Margaret River, Western Australia, is a winery that Village Cellars has enjoyed a long relationship with going back to our founding 33 years ago, and straddling two generations of owners at Leeuwin. In 2020, Leeuwin’s winemakers couldn’t visit Japan due to COVID-19 restrictions. Instead, on June 1st, we conducted an online tasting with Leeuwin’s senior winemaker, Tim Lovett, and the JSA Award* winners in 2019 and 2020 respectively, Mr. Taku Iguro and Mr. Yuta Yoshida. While Western Australia was fortunate to escape the wildfires that swept across much of Australia in December and January, the rise of COVID-19 early this year froze the economy, with lockdowns and bans on interstate movement. We feared it would affect the harvest, but the wine industry was deemed an essential economic activity, and the harvest was completed successfully. Tim says a wonderful vintage reminiscent of 2010 is now in barrels and we wait for it to reveal its full potential.Art Series Chardonnay & Cabernet Sauvignon - 10-year tasting―― Online tasting seminar with the winemakerLeeuwin Estate (Margaret River, Western Australia)Speaker:Tim LovettLeeuwin EstateSenior winemakerCommentator:Taku IguroL’Osier RestaurantSommelierCommentator:Yuta YoshidaFour Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi Chief Sommelier* The J.S.A. (Japan Sommelier’s Association) awards the Sommelier ‘Leeuwin Estate the Art of Fine Wine’ Scholarship sponsored by Leeuwin Estate (Established in 2019)** In 1968-1970 the rst Cabernet Sauvignon clone selection SA126 was introduced in Western Australia by the Department of Agriculture. At one point, the entire industry was dominated by this clone, but the quality of Houghton clones has been re-evaluated, and the number of newly-certied clones is increasing.*** The main constituent of this scent is the volatile substance 1,8-cineole, which is abundant in leaf oil. It emerges strongly when eucalyptus leaves and bark are mixed in at the time of harvest, and not from the grape skins or terroir. If the vines are 20-50m away from eucalyptus trees, there is little impact.https://bit.ly/3h4v2CA(short URL)DetailsCabernet Sauvignon 2005 & 2015 setRRP ¥15,000Chardonnay 2006 and 2016 setRRP ¥21,500CodeLE002CodeLE003Leeuwin Estate Art Series winemaker and up-and-coming sommeliers wine-tasting seminarEvent2Chardonnayhttps://youtu.be/1utlGgYSKFoEvent 1Cabernethttps://youtu.be/Um4RqJXfDAsVillage Cellars YouTube channelLeeuwin Estate Art SeriesChardonnay and Cabernet SauvignonEnjoy these wines while watching the webinarLimited release of 2 sets, vintages 10 years apart.Prices do not include Consumption Tax. RRP= Recommended Retail Price.

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