Wine List by Grape VarietyPrices do not include Consumption Tax. RRP= Recommended Retail Price.-10-Plumm Crystal Wine Glasses in GlazmatazGlass rack & wine glass setWe are pleased to announce that all our Plumm Crystal Wine Glasses will now ship in a Glazmataz wine rack. Each set ships with your choice of Plumm glasses in the appropriate S or L-sized Glazmataz rack, enabling safer delivery of glasses with much less packaging. After it is opened, it provides a convenient rack that will protect your valuable glasses for years. We also o er the option of a special gift box.Using Glazmataz to carry, wash, and store wine glasses significantly reduces breakage.1. Elastic bottom absorbs shock 2. Connect and stack units 3. Dishwasher safeFor more details on Glazmataz:Lea et Youtube◆ Glazmataz is available in two sizes, L and S, to match the glass size◆ Previously handmade crystal glasses were heavily packaged almost like suitcases. Shipping them in Glazmataz dramatically reduces the amount and cost of packaging while keeping them safe.Product name DimensionsColour CODERRPCODERRPGlazmataz S-1W100XD200XH285(㎜)GreenGM101= 1 unit \1,900GM103= 25 glasses\19,800Glazmataz L-1W125XD250XH285(㎜)GreyGM102= 1 unit \2,200GM104= 16 glasses\16,600CODEProduct nameGlass countGlazmataz sizesRRPPG 101 Plumm Glass Flute in Glazmataz2 glassesS-1¥5,400PG 102 Plumm Glass White A in Glazmataz2 glassesS-1¥5,400PG 103 Plumm Glass White B in Glazmataz2 glassesL-1¥5,800PG 105 Plumm Glass Red A in Glazmataz2 glassesL-1¥5,800PG 106 Plumm Glass Red B in Glazmataz2 glassesL-1¥5,800PG 107 Plumm Glass Flute (Handmade) in Glazmataz2 glassesS-1¥10,800PG 108 Plumm Glass White A (Handmade) in Glazmataz2 glassesS-1¥10,800PG 109 Plumm Glass White B (Handmade) in Glazmataz2 glassesL-1¥10,800PG 110 Plumm Glass Red A (Handmade) in Glazmataz2 glassesL-1¥12,000PG 111 Plumm Glass Red B (Handmade) in Glazmataz2 glassesL-1¥12,000 ②③Smith Spring WaterNatural water from New ZealandSmith Water (www.smithwater.co.nz) is a natural water from New Zealand jointly developed by Drinksmith Co Ltd., Aotearoa (the Maori name for New Zealand) and ECN Hospitality, a Tokyo-based hospitality company. Combining Aotearoa’s natural quality with ECN’s expertise in hospitality, the simplicity of the bottle’s timeless ergonomic design creates a premium table water suitable for serving at sophisticated restaurants.CODEProduct nameSizeQuantityRRPW10651Smith Sparkling Spring Water750ml12 bottles¥6,960 / 1caseW10652Smith Sparkling Spring Water350ml24 bottles¥9,120 / 1caseW10649Smith Spring Water750ml12 bottles¥6,960 / 1caseW10650 Smith Spring Water 350ml24 bottles¥9,120 / 1case※Only available in case lots.     W10651W10652W10649   W10650pH 7.0 Hardness 12.5Mineral content (mg/L)Calcium …………2.8 Magnesium ……1.6Potassium ……4.0Silica ……………7.4 Sodium …………9.2 Total dissolved solids …125Smith Water originates from rain in the protected native forests of the Kaimai-Mamaki Forest Park in the north-east of New Zealand’s North Island that slowly passes through lime soil and volcanic rock, until it reaches a vast underground aquifer. Over 50 years later, it reaches the surface in a spring that produces more than 600,000 liters per day, providing a smooth tasting water rich in silica.

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