Change in consumption tax rateWith the change in the consumption tax rate from October 1, 2019, the consumption tax when buying our products will be charged as follows. Thank you for your understanding.Deliveries until Sept 30 (Monday): 8% consumption taxOrders are accepted until 12:00* on Friday, Sept 27.Deliveries after Oct 1 (Tuesday): 10% consumption tax*Orders after 12:00 on Sept 27 (Friday) will be charged 10% consumption tax, added for shipment on Sept 30 (Monday) and delivery on or after Oct 1 (Tuesday).Village Cellars Wine Catalogue Autumn 2019   This catalogue is valid through November 30th , 2019New Arrivals 3Our feature story : Part 11 Cameron Ashmead of second generation co-owner, Elderton 4Maison de Venoge : Part 1―Treasuring the past, evolving the future. 6The long-awaited release of Argon winesave Pro in Japan 7Recommendations 8Plumm Crystal Wine Glasses in Glazmataz, Three Oaks Crushed Apple Cider and Smith Spring Water 10Wine List by Winery : Dreamtime Pass 11Wine List by Grape Variety (Details on P.2) 12Wine List by Winery (Details on P.2) 20Wine Region Maps 57Event Calendar 60

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