Estamos más unidos que nunca como equipo. / We are closer than ever as a team.Village Cellars Wine Catalogue Winter 2020This catalogue is valid through February 28th , 2021New Arrivals 3Recommendations 4Our Feature Story : Part 18 Bodega Colome 6Our Feature Story : Part 19 Eric Sussman (Radio-Coteau, County Line Vineyards) 8A history of Coteaux Champenois AOC and de Venoge’s commitment to the style 10A cider-loving sommelier introduces Three Oaks Cider 11‘40th Anniversary’ Newsletter from Ata Rangi 12Three Oaks Crushed Apple Cider, Smith Spring Water and Dreamtime Pass 13Wine List by Grape Variety (Details on P.2) 14Wine List by Winery (Details on P.2) 22Wine Region Maps 61

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